BASHARATYAN V the newly launched label by the talented, young fashion designer Veronica Basharatyan, specialises in creating outstanding, individually tailored women’s clothing using unique, luxurious fabrics.

Each season collections include feminine and elegant pieces with silhouettes from simple cut dresses to oversized shapes and body-con forms with some pieces featuring delicate prints of images and symbols which represent a deeper meaning and the different emotions that a person can experience.

Veronica Basharatyan was born in a family of Balkarian-Armenian origins. She graduated from London College of Fashion in July 2010 and launched her own label the following summer. To achieve a broader understanding of fashion Veronica also studied at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan and worked as a design assistant with Natasha Drigant in Moscow and as a sales assistant at Ralph Lauren in London. The brands signature ‘ribbon knit’ technique is found each season in a charming range of garments, shoulder/neck detailing and even accessories.

The BASHARATYAN V brand has found itself a niche market of customers that appreciate its conceptual creativity, research technique, unique fabrics and outstandingly original shapes and prints, created in the BASHARATYAN V atelier. Designed and produced in London, the brand offers supreme, hand finished luxury garments for the discerning woman.

Hey Veronica, thank you for interviewing with us. Firstly can you tell us about yourself?

Hi, my name is Veronica Basharatyan and I’m the founder and creative director of British womenswear brand – BASHARATYAN V.

Veronica, how are you intending to break the mould with your brand?

The fashion business is very competitive. You need to have your own style – signature and be ready to stand by it no matter what. When today, anyone who thinks becoming a fashion designer is so glamorous, (especially in Russia, where I am originally from) – it’s very important not to lose your own understanding of fashion and your signature style.

You specialise in creating individually tailored women’s clothing, how do you distinguish yourself in the market?

We’ve developed our signature technique – called “The ribbon knit” technique when the fabric is hand knitted from various types of ribbons. We’ve experimented with this technique in almost all our collections – creating fully knitted garments, details in garments from ribbon knit, accessories and then even taking ribbon knit to a different level – printing an illusion of it onto the fabric.

Is the fashion industry just as you suspected it?

The fashion industry changes each season, so some parts of it were predictable and some – like the enormous growth in the role of Instagram and blogging is still a bit shocking to me.

You worked as a design assistant with Natasha Drigant in Moscow and as a sales assistant at Ralph Lauren in London, what do feel you were able to learn and take with you to build BASHARATYAN V?

At both places, I learned a lot. At Natasha Drigant I learned everything about the actual process from sketching to line sheets and spec drawings, whereas at Ralph Lauren it was all about sales of the end product to retailers, how buyers make their choices for this or that season and which styles work and which ones don’t.

Where do you see yourself and your brand in the next 3-5 years?

I see BASHARATYAN V being sold in more shops in Moscow and London and becoming better known among potential clients. We are also looking to develop a separate evening wear range as we’ve been constantly receiving requests for bespoke evening wear pieces.

If you had to share with us one solid piece of advice on how to #BEYOUROWN, what would you tell us?

To #BEYOUROWN woman means to make your own decisions and stand by them no matter what. It also means to be unafraid to go against the crowd if you feel this is the right thing to do.


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