Born Victoria Asher, VickyT grew up in a highly creative environment with her father, multiple-Grammy-winning producer/manager/musician Peter Asher, and mother Wendy Worth, an art collector.  Half-English and half-American, growing up steeped in music, books, films, and painting, Victoria has enjoyed a varied and exciting creative life thus far, defying definition and description – and she now looks to make her mark on the world with her infectious Synth Pop. As expected given her background, VickyT is a renaissance woman. She has a hand in all aspects of her work—songwriting, music production, vocals, and even directing her own music videos. The visual accompaniment is a huge part of her creative expression.

Before taking her first musical steps, she studied film at Tisch at NYU and honed her skills working with acclaimed directors like Michel Gondry and Terry Gilliam.  Then, she joined Cobra Starship (singing and playing keytar), enjoying several years of successful recording, touring and directing several of the band’s videos. Moreover, she worked with director Thomas Cobb in creating the highly-lauded title sequence for Orange is the New Black and sang backup on a couple of successful records for other artists (varying from Miguel to Steve Martin & Edie Brickell) among numerous other video and musical projects.

Adding fuel to the fire of her new artist project, she has partnered with her father Peter Asher and music industry veteran Sean Glass to co-found Muted Color, a new independent record label. Thus far she has released three singles – “Protect This Love”, “Push Comes to Shove” featuring Panic at the Disco’s Jon Walker and “Clouds.”

We catch up with VickyT on the release of her new track Ghost and her journey since departing from Cobra Starship.

Hey, VickyT can tell us, what is Ghost about?

“Ghost” stemmed from returning to London for the first since dating someone that lived there. The relationship had ended quite suddenly and painfully without any clear explanation. Everywhere I walked reminded me of him and made me miss him. I was haunted by our memories and hoped to receive a phone call from him that never came. All the frustration and pain I felt got poured into this song.

So you did you feel any intimidation from being a keytarist in Cobra Starship, being the only female in the band?

Never. For me I loved being in a band with all men or should I call them boys?! I’ve always gotten along best with guys since I was a kid because I was a tomboy. I grew up with best guy friends so to me it felt like home.

How’s the journey since departing from Cobra Starship and embarking on your solo career?

It’s had a lot of ups and downs. It was very tough for me when the band first ended. I almost gave up on making music because it seemed no one had my back. I was going to walk away from it all until I met an incredible human being from Amsterdam at a BMG party. Clifford Goilo. An extremely talented songwriter and producer who took a chance on me and invited me into his studio where he then connected me to many other brilliant people. Everyone was so excited and passionate that it reignited my motivation to continue making music.

Who do you look up to in terms of female artists?

Elly Jackson of La Roux, Robyn and Carly Rae. I think they’re all so powerful, unique and brilliant. Will never tire of listening to them.

Who’s work do you admire the most?

Hard to answer because there is so much music I admire. Too many to list. The above ladies are of course some of this list. I’d also say I love Rivers Cuomo because the first two Weezer albums changed my life.

If you had to give us one of your tracks that summed up #BEYOUROWN which one would fit the title the most?

Turn It Low



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