BEYOUROWN Show X Daniella Genas, She’s the Boss


In Episode 5 of Series 3, The BEYOUROWN Show, Samanah Duran is joined by She’s the Boss, Founder Daniella Genas BA, MA, MBA,

You can catch more on our TV Network over our exclusive spotlighted After-show hosted by our founder Forbes 30 Under 30 Samanah Duran, along with featured special guests.

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More About Daniella Genas

She’s the Boss, led by Founder Daniella Genas BA, MA, MBA, has been pivotal in transforming the businesses and mindsets of entrepreneurs and business owners across a variety of industries. Daniella has experience of adding significant value to businesses of all sizes ranging from solopreneurs to multi-million-pound companies. She has a proven track record of accelerating the growth of client businesses, with many achieving 6 figure growth.

The name ‘She’s the Boss’ was given to Daniella because of her strategic prowess and authority in business, but she works with business owners of all genders.

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