BEYOUROWN X Debora Luzi 5 Day Writing Challenge

Debora Luzi, the Daring Inner Voice Mentor, passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to speak and write their truest most authentic voice so that their clients can find them and choose them. She is the founder of The Writing Academy for Entrepreneurs, a supportive and educative online community which helps entrepreneurs fall in love with writing for their businesses and make money from it.

Debora is the words’ lover, passionate about teaching how the right content can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. From 0 following and no idea how to show up, Debora went to get noticed very quickly in the crazy online crowd and sell out her products and services by using ONLY the power of creative content.

The ultimate 5-day writing challenge that will help you to:

  • Attract only the right clients that have their wallets out and never object about price
  • Never run out of content ideas – even if you try!
  • Stand out from the crowd like snow white in a forest full of dwarfs
  • Sell your products and services without getting on sales calls or smelling of desperation
  • Build a deep connection with your audience that triggers brand loyalty

If you:

  • Only hear crickets when you put your content out there
  • Get no responses when you make an offer for a product or service
  • Cannot find a way to create deeper connections with your audience
  • Would rather bury your head in the sand than write content for your business



Monday 20th September 2021

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