Communicating Effectively With Your Customers As A Business Leader

A company’s chief goal is to attract and satisfy customers. Customers appreciate the ways in which a company’s leader communicates with them about products and service. Consumers who feel valued as part of a business transaction are likelier to stay connected as a loyal customer and tell others about their positive experience, which often attracts other prospective customers as well. Here are some ways a business leader can stay in touch effectively with current and potential customers.

Social Media

Business is increasingly promoted over social media compared to traditional media like radio, television, and print advertising. Leaders who tweet, blog, and post to social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram can rapidly attract a sizable following if they post relevant content. The public is eager to learn more about the industry, the organization, and its products. They also want to know about leadership and company values, along with community support and future plans. A knowledgeable leader provides this information in a timely manner through regular and frequent social media posts to establish and maintain a dynamic relationship with followers.


Customer reviews play a huge role in communicative interactions between a company and its customers. Posting positive customer reviews about products or services can give a company a significant boost in public ratings, attracting more viewers and prospective customers. Customers trust reviews more than they trust company advertising and its public image. That is because they want to hear objective feedback from people like themselves who have actually done business with the company. Well-organized reviews with thoughtful details about a customer’s experience with the company often reveal realistic impressions that are not ordinarily shared in a marketing campaign or social media.

Responding to and Engaging with Customers

In addition to posting reviews on the website or in social media, companies can invite customer feedback through the comments section of the website, through a chat interactive feature or through an email message. A dropbox might be available for customer comments as well. An open and accessible attitude toward customer feedback is always appreciated by the public. When the company leader responds to customer comments and concerns, that increases the customer’s appreciation for the company, which will likely be spread through word of mouth.

Using Feedback to Grow

Taking customer comments applying them to a company’s improvement will enhance customer relations. When people see improvements evolve in response to their feedback to the organization, it typically enhances their commitment to doing business with the company. A competent leader could even thank the names of customers who have made valuable suggestions or provided helpful feedback by listing those individuals in a special note of appreciation at the website or via social media, further strengthening the bond between the company and the people with whom it does business.

How Customers Prefer to Communicate

A leader who wants to hear from the customer base may solicit feedback through a mailing list or a website announcement and portal. Sometimes, an organization will bring in a focus group to discuss company concerns with. Providing feedback space via social media may also encourage customers to offer suggestions or make requests. Some people prefer to make phone calls or send text messages.

Business leaders who keep the door open to the public and show interest in their questions and support tend to have positive community interactions. Keeping the communication lines open suggests a company mindset of mutual respect and appreciation. Two-way communication promotes meaningful dialogue about the issues that matter in a company.

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