Entrepreneurship: How You Can Build A Brand You stand For By Samanah Duran

Branding should integral part of a business strategy because as you build a brand you build leverage. So, if you want to build a brand you truly stand for, there are factors you should take into consideration.

Before you begin, you need to assess your strengths, your vulnerabilities, opportunities in the market and your what competitors are currently doing in the market. Once you have this solid information, decide who you will need on your team and what resources will you need to execute your strategy effectively and convey your brand message accurately.


Identify your brand personality and voice. Your logo design, colours and style should aim to communicate exactly what your brand stands for.

Omni-channel marketing

Make sure that you create an amazing customer experience with you across every touchpoint both physically and digitally, as having one stand-alone channel will not cut it any more. As customers research brands more so now than ever, you need to deliver a clear consistent brand message that will lead back to your website, whether via email, social media, in-store or mobile.

Product or service

Deliver a reliable, great quality product or service that you want to be known for. Create compelling experiences that will make your customers want to come back for more.

Geographic location

Build relationships with your customers by involving them community activities or getting them to participate in competitions that are local to you and your typical consumer base. If you have a cafe/bar in Manchester, you may host local talent evenings with Manchester-based singers/indie rock bands for example.

Tone of voice

Understand your customers and speak to them in a language that resonates with them. Discuss topics you want to be known for and showcase your expertise in these areas. You could even try relaying compelling and engaging stories as a way of reaching out to them, so long as this is done in a brand tone that reprensents your brand.



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