Entrepreneurship: Why You Should Be Building A Business With A Charitable Initiative By Samanah Duran

Whatever business you build, there must be a certain degree of wholesomeness to it. So, if your business is selling artsy homemade crafts online, that’s great, but how are you helping out the community? Think “for every fifty crafts sold, I donate fifty to sick children in hospital to play with.” If you can build a business that you feel passionate about, you can also support a cause that is close to home. 

It has to be sincere, so don’t do virtue signalling. Give valid reasons as to why you are doing it as a company, how it fits in with your company’s mission, or what it means to you personally as the founder. You could even share your own personal story if you have one.

Most typical consumers have both social and environmental awareness, and more so now than ever are trying to act responsibly for other citizens of the world. If potential customers see a product or service they like online and it helps to support a great cause that they resonate with, it’s win-win. Just by implementing a give-back initiative can help to attract more customers, since research shows that customers believe companies should equally strive to achieve business goals whilst making a positive impact.

If you are an SME or new entrepreneur, you do not have to make grand donations that would put you out of pocket, there are several great ways that you can give back in small yet effective ways. Three of the greatest ways include: donating a percentage of your sales profits, you could integrate a buy-one-give-one business model, and lastly, you could give your time or expertise in a specific industry field as opposed to giving money.



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