How A Company Can Onboard The New Normal Post COVID-19 By Kimberley Waldron

How A Company Can Onboard The New Normal Post COVID-19 By Kimberley Waldron

Post COVID-19 is already here. It was here the day the world realised that the virus was probably never going away. That means that no business should be waiting for a D-day where we hit a reset button and suddenly know exactly what to do next. 

It is now time to use the skills, commitment, determination and the trusted team of people, that no doubt got us this far, to get on board with the new environment we are all in. Any day right now that is not spent evolving to meet the new normal is surely a day wasted. 

The good news is that this is not happening to any one person, any one business or even any one sector (though some are worse hit than others), we are all affected. And clearly, there are now things we must do to preserve our livelihoods and protect each other.

Co-founder & MD of SkyParlour PR + Content Kimberley Waldron’s sound advice is to understand what your priorities are and start with them. Sounds simple, so read on.

What must I do?

In other words, what are you legally or contractually required to do to be compliant with the new set of rules now presented to your business? This may be from a governmental, regulatory or client/supplier perspective. 

These will underpin the function of every business and must be dealt with swiftly, to ensure business continuity and maintain customer trust.

What should I do?

Look at the tools, technology and advice that is available to help transform business models that don’t work well (or at all) in the COVID-19 world.

The key to success will be a combination of strategic planning and effective execution. Needs in society have changed so business offerings should change to match these. The most obvious opportunities are presented by the urgent requirement to move from in-person to online interactions. Even in-person interactions will need to be contactless.  

This is also an opportunity to refresh how you communicate with customers, partners and suppliers. We are all buying into businesses and products that believe have adapted and care about the greater good – the only way we know about this is because they have found fresh and exciting ways to tell us so.

What can I do?

When it comes to ‘onboarding the new normal’ this involves accepting that the new way of being is now a part of your DNA. The many changes brought about by the Covid-19 crisis are here to stay – so rather than just tacking on tactical changes, embrace more fundamental alterations to how you operate. 

Take the opportunity to make positive changes – there are probably ones you have been thinking about for a while, such as operational efficiency projects, workspace upgrades, policy reviews, customer management and marketing initiatives. 

The crisis has also brought out the best in many of us and has possibly changed society for the good. Many businesses are also thinking about what they can do to help. Playing a role in the global recovery, no matter how big or small is something we should all consider being part of. Find ways to be creative and generous.

I don’t say this lightly, as there are so many great businesses that have been doing everything right and are genuinely suffering from this bolt from the blue. But surviving and thriving in the COVID-19 world will be down to how well, and how willingly, a business can adapt – and this will depend on the attitude of the business leaders. 


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