How Can I Make My Online Presence Stronger? By Shona Chambers

Just how can you make my online presence stronger? As a marketing consultant Shona Chambers, is often asked about the actions people could take to increase their online presence. It doesn’t matter whether you are a corporate employee or a small business owner selling products or services, you need to be aware of the way you are perceived online to successfully market in 2021.  

The exact path to improve your online presence will be reliant on you and what you do, but the following is an easy to follow path that can be customised to your situation. 

Think about where your audience is

If your career involves working for different large corporations then platforms like LinkedIn are going to be important to you.  It is highly likely that the next company you work for will already be on LinkedIn so taking steps to create the perfect profile that highlights successes is vital.

For the long term thinkers it may be valuable to look at the companies you would like to work for and consider the actions and activities you could undertake to align values with your ideal employers.  Don’t be afraid to build a showcase on your LinkedIn account because you never know when your next move could become desirable.

For people with small businesses targeting a certain customer, it is important to build up strong profiles in the online places your customer use. Whether that is Instagram or Facebook, you can draw in your customer by matching your content and language to them. Creating profiles that offer interesting, valuable resources will only help you create those bonds with your customer.

Get featured

We all need to find places where we can be seen outside of our usual spaces. Whether that is contributing to publications or podcasts in your niche or going live on a social media platform as a guest, these all combine to highlight you to others who don’t already know you. This in turn provides new information about you online when people are searching for you.

Edit yourself

We all spend so much time online now that we can become blind to the way others see us. One of the best things to do is ask a friend to take a look at your online social media profiles and see do they capture us in the way we would like them too?

If you don’t have anyone to ask, hire someone to just carry out a quick audit. You want to ensure that profiles are up to date, with no broken links, good photography, and portray you in the best light possible. If there is anything out of date or inaccurate, get rid of it. It could be the difference between attracting a new client, getting a new job, or not.

Get blogging

If you have a website one of the best ways to be found by your ideal customer or employer is your blog.Blogging has fallen by the wayside slightly in recent years in favour of social media.  But it is still one of the quickest ways you can make an impact on your online presence. One tip that will help you a lot is opening a Google browser and putting in the questions you think your audience might have.  This will quickly show you if you are right. Try blogging using as many of these questions as possible, it will increase your chances of being found on page one of Google which is where you really need to be.

Create something bigger than you

Depending on your career area, think about what you could produce that would create a lasting online legacy.

  • Having a podcast where you invite valuable guests to contribute could be an option.
  • Writing a book and selling it from online platforms such as Amazon or your own website.
  • Selling digital products like workbooks that help your ideal customer.

All of these things combine to showcase your expertise and also increase your online presence because of their existence.

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