How To Attract Good Tenants To Your Rental Property

It’s important to find good reliable tenants for your rental property. You need to trust them to look after your property as if it were their own. Unfortunately, many tenants do not look after their rental homes properly. You need to put in a little time and effort to find the right tenants for your house.

Follow this quick guide to find the best tenants for your rental home.

Use a good letting agent

A letting agent can help you find good tenants for your rental property. They will use high-quality photography to capture your home in the best light. They will present the property in a high-end manner so more tenants will be interested. Letting agents are trained to advertise properties through smart copywriting and photography.

They can set up a six- or twelve-month agreement with potential tenants. You can end their contract if they do not look after our property within the first six months. The letting agent will make sure there are clear charges outlined for any damages to the property. They will also set an appropriate rental price for the property to attract the right tenants. Pricing the property too high can make it difficult to find tenants.

Speaking of agents, if you prefer to sell your home instead of renting it, you can also work with an experienced agent who can give you a good valuation of your property and help you find the right buyers in your area. You can also take the time to read a selling guide containing in-depth information on how to sell your property in your location. 

Renovate the kitchen and bathroom

Tenants are looking for a modern kitchen and bathroom. If your property is starting to look aged, you could freshen up these spaces with a new design. Install new tiles, flooring, appliances and countertops to make the kitchen look attractive again. In the bathroom, you should replace the shower and bath with fresher models and remove any mould on the grout. A modern kitchen and bathroom can add considerable value to your rental property.

Add more storage

Tenants need enough storage to keep their belongings tidy and organised. You could install fitted wardrobes in the bedroom, so you don’t need to compromise on space. You could include a storage cupboard downstairs for their spare suitcases and Christmas decorations. Under the bed storage is particularly useful for spare linen, seasonal clothing and much more. You need to make sure your rental property is practical for a tenant.

A garden

After lockdown, more renters are looking for a property with outside space. They want somewhere to entertain and relax in the warmer months. You could add garden furniture and pendant lights around the garden as well. The garden should need minimal maintenance throughout the year. Stick to a lawn and a few shrubs or trees – instead of an elaborate flower bed design. Your tenants might not have time or an interest in gardening.

Make your rental home more attractive to potential tenants with a few stylish touches.

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