How To Get Your First 100 Clients: Startup Success Tips

It’s a complex world out there, and you might feel like your idea for a startup is doomed to fail before it has even begun. But don’t worry! Here are some tips that will help you get your first 100 clients, which will make all the difference when it comes to starting up. So read on for more information about how to start reaching out and getting those first few customers.

Email and SMS regularly to your leads

It’s important to email your leads regularly, even if you don’t have anything new or exciting to offer. It helps keep your business at the top of their mind when they need another product in the future, and it also establishes trust because people know that you’re always there for them. 

You should also incorporate SMS in your marketing strategy. With so many people on their phones, it’s easy to receive, read and act on promotional SMS. So, what are you waiting for? You can send effective SMS to help your business increase sales here.

Make sure you include a call-to-action button on any emails – this is crucial for turning potential customers into actual buyers.

Ask friends

You’ll be surprised how many people will say yes when you ask them to help out. Try and think of a few connections which are up for anything or have an audience that would love the product/service you’re offering. If they don’t want it themselves, chances are their network does!

Find a friend in your target market who is looking for what you’re selling.  He’s going to be more than happy to tell his contacts about your great offer if he feels like he got something valuable.

Repeat the process by asking these new clients’ friends (another “ask”) until you’ve reached 100.

Blog away

The next best way to build your business and get your first 100 clients is by blogging away. You have the freedom of expression, and you can share what inspires you each day, which will attract new people who are also inspired. 

Blogging about topics relevant to your business niche will help generate qualified leads when someone clicks on one of those blog posts. In addition, it’s an excellent tool for attracting potential customers because they can learn more about the type of work you do and how it may be able to solve their problems. 

A blog post doesn’t just need text either! Instead, use images, infographics, videos- anything that might catch someone’s eye online so they’ll want to explore further into your site or blog.

Your message should be consistent, whether you’re writing about your business or the type of work you do. You want to make sure that even when people are scrolling through a long list of headlines on their feed, they’ll still stay around to read yours in detail.

Blogging will allow you to showcase your skills and experience and share it with others who might need help too- which is also an excellent way for approaching potential clients. 

The more content you have available online, the greater chance someone has to find something relevant and interesting enough for them to learn more about you.

Have free samples or giveaways

This is a great way to expand your reach and create intrigue with potential customers. Just be sure to plan, as this takes time and resources! You’ll also need a system of managing these freebies efficiently so that you don’t end up over-saturating the market for yourself.


In conclusion, the most important thing for a startup to succeed is to have a clear vision and then maintain it. Of course, many factors influence the success of a company. However, as long as the foundation on which you build your business has solid footing, there’s no reason why it can’t be successful.


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