How To Make Your Business Signage More Effective

A business sign is easy to design and produce – but how effective is it? Many businesses focus on digital marketing strategies today and employ social media managers, UX designers, and SEO specialists. Digital marketing strategies have undeniable benefits for businesses, but they often come at a steep price. 

A business sign should be easy to read, eye-catching and informative. Tangible marketing materials are often more affordable and, in some cases, just as effective as the digital approach. Here are a few ways you can make your next business sign more effective.


A business sign needs to be placed in a strategic location to get as much attention as possible. Your sign’s size, height, and placement can all impact how visible the sign is to potential customers. Use high-quality graphics, contrasting colours, professional photos and an eye-catching logo to make your sign stand out against its surroundings. For example, do not use a green sign if you place it in front of a field or next to some trees. Your sign should jump out from its surroundings so people can take note of it. 


Your sign needs to include some information, such as your business name, logo, contact details, and latest product. You could include a QR code that directs people to your website and social platforms, integrating digital and traditional marketing is highly effective. 

Try to avoid including too much information on your sign, as this can overwhelm people and diminish its effectiveness. You should aim to leave around 40% of the sign clear to make it easier to read – let your logo and visual identity do the talking.  

Close proximity

You need to consider how close your business sign is to your store. If it’s too far away, you may be targeting customers who won’t visit the store, and if it’s too close, the sign may feel redundant. Your shop front acts as a business sign, with your brand name, logo and social handles above the door.

Target your local area and make sure the address of your shop is clear and bold on the sign. After all, your business sign should encourage people to visit your store and purchase your product or service.


Signs have limited space, and you need to make sure the information can be read and processed within a short space of time. For example, if your sign is on the edge of a road, drivers may only have a few seconds to view it. Ensure the essential information is big enough to read from afar and your visual identity is clear.


Signs need to be well-maintained to keep them in good condition. A sign that is dirty, rusty or damaged won’t create a good first impression. Consider investing in a sign that will last for years to come and get into a habit of cleaning it annually. An alternative solution is to opt for signage that’s relatively cheap to replace if damaged – when it comes to very large signs, a flex face sign is usually a good solution. As for illuminated signs, make sure that these continue to light up properly and that any dead bulbs are replaced in good time.


Try out some more traditional marketing strategies this year and get creative with a new business sign!


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