How To Use Data To Offer Better Customer Service

How to Use Data to Offer Better Customer Service

Offering a quality customer experience is the key to retaining your current customers and getting positive business reviews. To offer quality experiences you need to have quality customer service. The service you offer is going to depend a lot on who your customers are. Using data can help you offer better customer service.

Discover market segments

You can use a variety of tools to deploy market segmentation on your customers. Market segmentation is where you study your customer data to look for different groupings that use your product. For example, if you stream a cooking show for quick and easy meals, you might find that your viewers consist of two segments. Busy soccer moms, and college students. Both groups are in the need for quick, cheap, and easy meals, but you should market to them differently. Another example could be discovering that a large portion of your clients are teenagers using their smartphones. If that is the case, you may wish to launch an app or enhance your mobile website so that you can serve these individuals better.

Predict customer needs

There are several ways that you can use data to predict customer needs. For example, if you see repeated searches in your website’s search bar, this is highlighting something that your customers want. If you don’t have it, then this could be something that you should consider implementing.

Another way that you can predict customer needs is through paying attention to social trends. If you know what demographics your main customers are, you should be paying attention to developments in their social lives. If you see something coming up, you may be able to predict changes in your customer’s behaviour.

Detect problems

Data can be a great tool for detecting problems. For example, tracking how many people are using your site vs how many people are purchasing your products could highlight problems on your website. If you have a lot more visitors than sales, than something about your site is probably turning these potential customers away. Look to see if there is a certain point in your sales process where people are leaving most often. Another valuable piece of data could be how many of your visitors are return visitors and how many are new. If you have a lot of traffic, but they are almost entirely new visitors, then you know that something about your customer service is preventing people from wanting to return.

At the end of the day, any piece of information about your customer’s behaviours and actions is valuable. All it takes is a little innovation to know how you can use it to improve your business. Customers can be a little put off by data collection, but in the long run, the improved experience is going to make them want to stay.


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