Innovative Food Packaging Solutions For Modern Businesses

Food packaging waste is undoubtedly increasing every year, which is constantly affecting the environment. Millions and millions of plastic, glass, wood and other types of containers are filling the world we live in. Therefore, to reduce the carbon footprints coming from these food packaging, there should be packing innovation that most modern businesses should adopt.

Innovative food packaging not only focuses on containing and preserving food safely but also addresses the issue of food waste. So, if more and more business owners learn to use these innovative food packaging, there will be a significant effect on the environment.

If you’re a business owner, you can try these innovative food packaging solutions to help reduce food packaging waste:

Using plastic pallet

Plastic pallet or boxes are one of the innovative ways to store food for businesses which can also help the environment. When these plastic pallets reach their maximum capacity of usage, they are recycled to make them into new plastic pallets. Moreover, it offers great benefit for the environment and for the food being stored in the plastic pallet.

Over wooden pallet, plastic pallets are not absorbent of any bacteria and contaminations that might affect the food. They are also durable and lighter than wooden pallet that makes plastic pallet innovative. Visit Reusable Transport Packaging and discover all the benefits of using plastic pallets over wooden pallets.

Using mushroom packaging

Mushroom packaging is an alternative solution to pack food like eggs and other small size food. The packaging resembles the element of an egg tray, but it is made of mycelium or mushroom roots. After using the packaging, it can be composted and turned into organic matter.

Using cornstarch packaging

Another innovative packaging solution that most businesses should use is cornstarch packaging. It resembles the properties of plastic, which can even hold liquid elements and food. It can be an alternative to polystyrene packaging, which is non-biodegradable. However, since it is made from cornstarch, the quality of the packaging is not on the level of authentic polystyrene.

Using seaweed packaging

Most of these innovative packaging wants to address the waste issue, especially the usage of non-biodegradable packaging materials. Luckily, plenty of start-up companies are willing to produce sustainable packaging solutions for businesses like Evoware’s seaweed packaging. They made edible and biodegradable packaging that is best for making sachets for powdered food such as coffee, salt, and tea. They can dissolve in water which is perfect for these kinds of products.

Using TIPA sustainable packaging

The company of TIPA produced another sustainable packaging that resembles plastic. However, unlike plastic, it’s compostable within 180 days. These bio-plastic are also great for food packaging dried foods, snack food, and other powdered products.

The benefits of using these sustainable and innovative packaging solutions are limitless, especially to the environment and all the world’s living matters. Using one of these for your modern business is your way to contribute to the positive change that these companies are creating. One firm using this packaging can already save thousands of lives. What more if all other businesses are also using them? Be part of the change.

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