Jobs That Make A Difference In The World

There are many reasons why a person may decide to pursue a particular career. They could be motivated by passion or by the need to make a high income. Some people are motivated by a desire to make a difference in the world. And that’s a lot of value in having that as your main goal. Studies have shown that a high percentage of people not only believe that they don’t have a positive impact, but that their work actually makes the world a worse place. While you can make positive changes by volunteering and just generally being a good person, the impact will always be somewhat dampened if you think you have a negative impact through your work.

So why not look at getting a job that makes a positive difference? In this blog, we’ll run through some of the best jobs that you can get if that’s your ambition. The good news is that many of these jobs are also well paying, so you’ll have a healthy income on top of the job satisfaction that they’ll bring. Perfect! 


There’s arguably nothing more important to people than their health. If someone is in a bad way, then they’ll look towards people who can help to get them back to full fitness. If you’re scientifically minded and like the idea of helping people, then why not look at getting involved in the medical profession? Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, or more a part of the admin side of things, you’ll be a part of one of the most important industries we have. This work can be stressful and challenging, but it’s nearly always rewarding. 


Working in a research field is related to healthcare (though it doesn’t have to be). The world has made a lot of progress in recent decades, and that’s in large part due to the efforts and work of the research community. If you like the idea of diving deep into a topic, then why not look at becoming a researcher? There’s no shortage of things that we need to know more about. You can work with topics related to climate change, cancer, sociology, or anything else. And who knows? The work you do might just have a hugely important impact on the future of humanity.


It sounds like a cliche to say that children are the future. But as with most cliches, it’s also true. If they’re going to reach their full potential in life, then they’ll need to be well educated and smart. And for that to happen, there needs to be good teachers. If you’re a natural communicator and love the idea of shaping the future of society, then look at becoming a teacher. Of course, this is a broad topic — you can work with preschool children all the way up to adults. As you progress through your career, you’ll likely find that you work your way into senior positions that allow you to shape the education system, too. 

The legal world

Politics has a big influence on how the world is run. But arguably, the most important profession is the legal field. This underpins everything that we do, and can have a gigantic impact on the state of the world. There are some areas of law that are more impactful than others, of course. To get a sense of what types of legal jobs are available, take a look at Origin Legal. You could work in immigration, family law, employment law, or anything else. Whatever you choose, you’ll be in a good position to make the world a better place! 

Creative arts

Finding work in the creative arts isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but there’s no doubting that it can have a huge impact. Of all the things that have driven the world forward in recent years, there aren’t too many that can rival the impact of music, literature, and movies. As we said, this isn’t the easiest profession to find work in — but it’s not as if it’s impossible. If you’re talented, work hard, and have an inch of luck, then you might just make it. And when you do, you’ll have a platform that really allows you to make the world better.


The rise of technology has been nothing short of miraculous. We’ve got from no digital tech to it being more or less everywhere. Of course, while it has done a lot of good for the world, it’s not as if it’s been all good. If it’s going to liberate humanity and be equally beneficial to all people, then the industry needs good people working in it. If you’re tech-minded, then dedicate your career to making technology better. There are more tech jobs than can be filled at the moment, too, so you’ll have no problem finding work. 

Conservation and protection

The world can’t protect itself. It needs people to do it. There are plenty of areas around the world that need dedicated and talented people to work on protecting the landscape. 

Mental Health

We live in pretty blessed times, but it does come with a pretty big trade off. While we have better access to food, water, and so forth, the number of people who have mental health conditions has been steadily increasing. Indeed, they say that by 2030, depression will be the most common illness. Fortunately, there are things we can do to help these people. If you want to help people overcome their mental health issues, then look at working in mental health services or becoming a therapist. It is demanding but highly rewarding work. 


Finally, there’s politics. People seem to think that this is an impossible field to work in, but it’s not. Of course, your chances of working at the highest level of politics is slim, but at a local level, things are much more possible. If you’re able to find work in the field, then you’ll have a lot of capacity to make a difference in the world.


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