Awakened Bellydance is multi-faceted, transformative, self-awakening process which travels far beyond the realms of the usual Bellydancer. It is perfect for all women who have an interest in movement for healing. An intuitive remembrance and reclaiming of your sovereign dancer transports you into an intuitive flow and surrender through a heightened awareness of the body, mind, and emotions as energy ‘in motion’ when you move with intention.

Creating a respectful, supportive sisterhood is paramount whilst gently and organically leading you on an authentic path to self-discovery. Using traditional Middle Eastern dance techniques, Sacred dances from around the world, breath and energy work, meditation, yoga and conscious communication. We naturally raise our vibration as we dance into our divine self.

Bellydance is a captivatingly beautiful dance filled with mystery and sensuality. Like Yoga, it has been around for thousands of years.  It has the capability to integrate feminine and masculine energies into the body bringing a woman into wholeness and out of the bondage imposed by the self and society. Kundalini energy is activated through hip, belly and full body based movements as we align with the geometric spirals of the universe. This creates a womb filled with a power which if nurtured in the right way can lead to limitless creative potential and manifestation. However, in modern times as the origins and secrets of Bellydance have faded into ‘his-story’ dancers also experience the shadow dancer as the energy can stagnate and become trapped within the lower chakras manifesting control, judgment, competition, structure, conditioning, and ego.

Dancing through our own perceived blockages within individual and collective journeys we move in soul resonance. Observing what we need to heal, learn and dream we will explore and experience our own innate power. Katie will guide and share her extensive knowledge instilling a gentle confidence inspiring you to continue on your transformational path of ‘dancenlightenment’. This deep knowing is a powerful tool for self-empowerment, propelling you forward on your visionary soul path which you can then share with others in Your own Awakened Bellydance classes.

As we connect authentically to the self we embody and activate the womb; the heart of Bellydance and a sacred vessel for your Kundalini energy. Each woman’s womb contains all of creation since time began – past relationships, old patterns, traumatic births, wounds, problem periods and sexual abuse. That’s yours and every woman throughout your family ‘her-story’ and as a collective consciousness!

When we bring awareness, compassion, and light to the shadow selves we give our bodies permission for expression, freedom, and joy. Connecting womb to heart to de-programme, restructure, unlearn and activate our bodies’ energetic pathways. As we acknowledge and surrender our conditioning, control, the ego, and trauma; we remember life can also be fulfilling, self-healing and filled with love!

This is an invitation to experience You – embrace your Awakened Bellydancer! She who moves through the veil and removes it with heart and soul! Perfect for all those who wish to integrate and rejoice in their absolute and deepest femininity whilst unashamedly claiming the absolutely fantastic dancer they were born to be!

For teachers, performers and all women who would like to go beyond the mind into deep surrender and trust within the heart. Awakened Bellydance will expand your existence to transcend into endless possibilities! Creating a greater level of authenticity and connection with your students, audiences, life! Absolutely no Bellydance or dance experience necessary, just an open heart to Be.

The Awakened Bellydance Facilitator Training is focused on Your dance and spiritual growth. Not the way that you dance, look, or what costumes you own! We are creating an authentic, true sisterhood. This training is for people with a sincere commitment and wishes to create transformative change within themselves. It is beneficial to attend an AwBd series with a registered facilitator, or an immersion with Katie beforehand. Just *£300 confirms your place. Payment plans are available


  • Repeats/assisting £1200
  • 5x scholarships/bursarys £1495
  • Early bird until Nov 31st 2018 – £1645
  • From Dec 1st 2018 £1895



The offerings will include:

  • 15 days of certified training with AwBd creator Katie Holland; includes theoretical,
  • Practical and practise sessions.
  • Bellydance technique videos.
  • Meditation and AwBd preparatory videos.
  • Pre and post ongoing online support and mentoring.
  • Member of a private AwBd facilitators group.
  • Discount for future workshops and training.
  • Included in ongoing promotions and listed on the AwBd website.
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Yoni steam
  • AwBd vest and bag
  • 15 nights accommodation (based on 2 sharing) (with pool) and all home cooked
  • Vegan meals included.

Airport transfers from Sofia, Bulgaria.

**Not included return flights to Sofia, Bulgaria. Travel insurance**

Katie will also provide ongoing online support and promotion for your classes throughout the Awakened Bellydance website and social media pages. You will be a part of a private online mentoring group before training begins and then with the other AwBd facilitators after training ends.

There are limited spaces available. Yours will be confirmed once your deposit has been received, booking form and skype interview completed.

A non-refundable and non-transferablee deposit of £300 is required to secure your place. The full amount is payable by March 1st, 2019. *A monthly installment payment plan is available*

Certification of Awakened Bellydance is at the discretion of Katie Holland upon full completion of the training. Awakened Bellydance teaching insurance is available through www.balens.co.uk

Contact Information:

Please contact bellydanceawakened@gmail.com or Whatsapp +359888967185 for payment and booking details.

About Katie Holland:

”All Movement is Divine when the Heart is Danced Awake” The beautiful Katie Holland is the creator of Awakened Bellydance. This gift is the intuitive synthesis and integration of her life’s studies and experiences to date.

Shifting focus from the usually expected outer form of belly dance to heart centered intuitive, healing movements. Katie will guide you to transform, transmute and embody your authentic, sovereign bellydancer. Discovering a new paradigm of bellydance; overflowing with self-empowerment, whilst embracing your passion, sensitivity and power.

Middle Eastern and sacred dances in particular have given Katie insights into the depths of her inner-womb and bodily wisdom. Following an innate fascination for dance and the profound healing it can bring. Katie made a conscious commitment many years ago to dance her way to self-remembering. Living in truth whilst focusing on deep connection to self, others and the universe. This wisdom awakened her to previously unknown insights and intuitions whilst enabling her to surrender completely to trust and eons of feminine lineage. Her commitment has led her to inquiry and journey into the innermost workings of herself. Recognising as she transformed her own shadow she was truly able to shine – literally transforming her dance from the inside out!

Dancing from the age of three, Katie began her Arabic dance training in 1994. Performing with Hossam and Serena Ramzy, Cheb I Sabbah, Saleh Heby, Guy Schalom and Amani to name but a few. She has lived and worked in India and Asia with her two children and partner since 2006 performing for Bollywood celebrities whilst studying with Masters of Sacred cultural dances, Tantra, Shamanism and Energy healing techniques.

A renowned and highly sought after professional dancer across the world, with a passionate pursuit in dancing the dance of healing and spiritual development. This combines perfectly with her extensive experience as an Inner Dance Facilitator, Reiki Master/Teacher, Yoga teacher and energy worker. Training directly with Pi Villaraza – creator of ID, Katie has been extremely active in sharing this powerful modality and is the only facilitator trainer in the UK. Her naturally intuitive ability to hold space is testament to her commitment and a wealth of experience facilitating dance and energy based workshops globally.

Existing by her soul calling to embody, create and facilitate sacred dance healing processes. Awakened Bellydance has developed through love with the purest intentions of encouraging You to celebrate You! Katie’s pioneering methods of teaching and performing have evolved to fuse many different forms of movement and energy work.

Her aim? To enthuse, empower, cultivate and share this inspirational, magical energy to all she meets. Katie has been inspired and greatly influenced by the works, research and philosophy’s of Pi Villaraza, G.I.Gurdjieff, Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, Osho, Rumi, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Isadora Duncan, Eileen Caddy-Findhorn, Nikola Tesla and all who have strived to bring a fresh paradigm of consciousness to the fore.

Katie is also the creator of Shakti Pants – Sacred Clothing and Jewellery, as well as the founder and organiser of Kashtat Bedu – Sacred Dance and Yoga Retreats. These extraordinary journeys are full of cultural and ecological experiences, whilst exploring unique dance adventures not usually found on the tourist trail.


To date Katie’s dance experience encompasses:

Arabic dance
Bharatnatyam – classical Indian dance
Nepalese Buddhist Tantric dances
Gurdjieff Sacred dances
Sufi Whirling
Osho dynamic meditation
Shamanic bellydance
Kundalini dance
Balinese dance

Facilitator trainer of:
Awakened Bellydance
Inner dance
Access Bars
Reiki (Master/Teacher – Usui and Tera Mai-Seichem traditions)

Katie is a Practitioner of:
Inner dance
Access Bars
Kundalini dance
Yoga and Pranayama (Breath work)
Light Energy Weave
Laughter Yoga
Aromatherapy massage
Indian head massage
No-hands massage
Baby massage

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