KICKSTARTER X The Power Collection Launch

Looking for Heroes is a project dedicated to sharing empowering stories of everyday people. Founded by Alex Pawlowska, the project was born out of the need for more inspiring stories, out of the need for finding a hero within and taking charge of one’s dreams.

Alex believes that everybody has a story to share, everybody has something to teach and that we can and that we should be our own heroes. By finding that the courage we see in others, we can also find in ourselves, and stories help with that.

As a follow up to Alex’s most recent interview she did with us, we wanted to show some extra support and feature her newly launched The Power Collection Kickstarter campaign project with us. This really gives our community the opportunity to get involved and support innovative concepts developed by talented creative entrepreneurs such as Alex.

***Remember that your capital is at risk.


Photograph by Chelsea Brown @chelsealynbrown


Photograph by Chelsea Brown @chelsealynbrown


Models (From the left): Kayela Damaze, Meena Bhella, Sylvia Mac, Zeba, Zeba Anjum Jahangir. Photograph by Alex Pawlowska


Models (From the left): Hodaya Vaknin, Corinne Cazeneuve, Charlie Craggs, Tene Edwards. Photograph by Alex Pawlowska.


Instagram: @lookingforheroes/  @alexpawlowska/



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