Lose Your Fear; 5 Tips To Start Your Business By Victoria Jenkins

This year more than ever, we have all had time to think about our priorities, how we spend our time and to reflect on what we really consider important to our overall health and wellbeing.

Recent waiting times to business accounts with banks have significantly increased, which is suggestive that lots more people are taking the chance now, especially while there is so much help available- because importantly, no one, thinks about us as much as we do. Not your family, friends or colleagues; no one else lies awake at night remembering that time you fumbled your words in that long-ago party or interview or meeting.

Once we accept and realise that no one is really paying that close attention, we are free to make choices based on what makes us happy, not other people and their beliefs, opinions or expectations.

So that is the key take away- do what makes you happy! On top of that, 2020 is outside of anyone’s field of experience; so the ‘rule book’ is gone. So why not now? Go for it- if it fails you could blame a massive recession, COVID, or trying to launch a business during a global pandemic. But the biggest reason could be that you don’t give yourself a chance!


You’ve either had an idea that won’t let you go or you simply know you can’t face the rest of your working life in the job you are currently in. Follow that voice, that dream, that instinct- if it’s keeping you up, that’s a GOOD thing. Explore and examine it and poke holes in it. Give your idea to your biggest and most honest critic and only ask them to give their opinion on what you could do differently. You are not asking them if it is a good idea. If you believe it is, it IS.

Market research

Those two words might instil boredom or fear but the truth is your idea might be valid but assuming you know your customers is where it will fall down. How well do you know the people you are aiming to serve? 

They may well be your complete opposite. To know how to sell to them, you have to know them down to where they shop for groceries, where they grew up, what type of job they may have. If you don’t know this and don’t find out it’s not super likely you’ll find success comes ‘easily’.


Releasing any service or platform or product requires daily, constant, excited energy. If you cannot get enthusiastic every day to multiple people, you cannot expect people to get excited by what you offer, no matter what it is. 

On average, to get your first sign up/sale/subscription to a new product or service your audience needs to see it mentioned 200 times. 200. Let that sink in. That means more than one platform, more than once a day, for more than a month- before you launch.


Every target you set yourself, you have to mark in your diary; what to do by when and the order in which you want to achieve things. Get brutal! Plan your day hourly, if you’re still working elsewhere plan your evenings and weekends the same way. If you need to coordinate around children, plan the most effective and routine times of the day and do not waiver from them; once you put your idea out there people will respond better to consistency. If you normally post, email or broadcast at 2 pm on a Tuesday make that sacrosanct. If you begin to flag in response times your audience will act in kind. I also advise the same for your own self-care, plan it and stick to it. You will absolutely need all that rest time and a break because often it’s when we switch off that our best creations pop into our heads.


It’s a buzz word again at the moment but it can really mean something. This doesn’t mean go chanting in the mountains, what it really means is change the language you use mentally and out loud to others. Don’t say “if” say “when”, don’t say “maybe,” say “certainly” and don’t give time to negative, unconstructive thinking. 

You’ll project what you feel which brings us back to the first point; if you have genuine, all-encompassing energy for your idea and you have researched it well then having a more positive mindset is the extra key to taking you further. Imposter syndrome is so easy to fall prey to and it will make you fail. 

Remember; no one is watching as much as you think. But the person who is is you. So do it for yourself. If you give it your all and it fails that’s not your fault. There could be any number of reasons but what will always be true is if you don’t give it a go you’ll never know!

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