Opening A Business In London? 4 Things To Consider 

For many entrepreneurs, London is the ideal destination and one that they spend most of their careers working towards. While businesses begin to shift work elsewhere, the opportunity for growth within the Big Smoke beckons those interested in branching out into this vast metropolis.  

Whether you are an established business looking to open a branch in the city or are solely aiming to kickstart your business here, read on to find out a bit more on the things you should consider when doing so.  

Business plan

While we are confident any budding entrepreneur would already have one of these, it is still worth mentioning, for it plays a crucial role in how your company is going to grow and develop following its inception. Setting out achievable goals for your business, including financial estimations, goals, and projections, gives you and others a better idea of what you are working towards and what needs to happen to do so. Your business plan needs to be flexible and adjusted with your company’s growth over time.


Naturally, you must consider where you want your business to be based from. While you may have decided on London, it is worth remembering that London is a vast city, with varying borough and cultures throughout. Knowing which area specifically you want to work from is ideal, and there are various ways you can establish this. If you are providing a specific product or service, you would want to be based where the demand for it is high. On the contrary, if your services are somewhat more generic or are not physical, you have much more flexibility than others.

Employing others

We recognise the desire to run your business yourself, which can often be tempting for those who have built it from the ground up. However, while that is very well the case, it is also essential to know when you require the assistance of others. Not to mention knowing what you must do to employ others. For the most part, this is a somewhat straightforward process, but that is not always the case, and you could sometimes find yourself faced with a legal obstacle. Thankfully with a variety of employment law firms at your fingertips, including the likes of Davenport Solicitors in London, you can ensure you do everything the right way and can rely on their knowledge if needed.

Launch date

When opening a business in London, you want to know when that will be! Once you have established an opening or launch date and made a note of it in your business plan, you can set your sights on creating hype through social media and other communication channels. You want people to have an interest in what you have to offer, and naturally, want your efforts to come to fruition on your launch day! 

Offering customers an incentive is one way you could generate hype for your launch date while also providing the opportunity to develop a two-way communication channel; great for future growth and development.

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