Our Streets Now Creative Community X It’s Time To Act

The Our Streets Now Creative Community is calling on the public to turn the “It’s Time To Act” prompt into a creative piece using the hashtag #OSNCC. There has been a lot of discussion, debate and awareness-raising about violence against women and girls (VAWG) and public sexual harassment (PSH) but now, action is needed.

Our Streets Now believes art is the base of all revolutions, and artists play a huge role in the fight against public sexual harassment. That is why it has launched the Our Streets Now Creative Community, a new art activism initiative that provides people with the platform to channel their anger, frustration and fear around what has been happening recently, and galvanise it to fight for change.

Sravya Attaluri, Creative Director of Our Streets Now Creative Community says:

“Art can be used for education, motivation and revolution and we need to empower artists to come together and use their art as a form of activism. The aim of Our Streets Now Creative Community is to create a platform for artists to join us in fighting against public sexual harassment through their creative mediums.

It is an open forum for creative expression where artists can actively take part in the campaign with monthly creative prompts around different issues within harassment, and raise wider awareness around disability allyship, mental health impact and more.

We want to create a platform that not only motivates and acts as a call to action through art, but also provides a safe space for individuals to share their PSH experiences, as art can be used as a cathartic healing and recovery tool. Through our art, we’ve been able to highlight and educate the wider community about the impacts of PSH, demand change and we’re starting to see results.”

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