In our fifth installment of our 6 part campaign, we present Lorine Chia to talk about what it means to her to BE YOUR OWN Boss in the 21st century.

My name is Lorine Chia. I’m 24 years old turning 25 this year. I am a singer/songwriter/musician/hairstylist. Most call it a jack of all trades lol. I started making music when I was 15. Taught myself how to play the guitar and started writing songs. I also taught myself how to braid when I was about 13. From there on I just practiced my skills. When I was 19 I released my first album and start pursuing a career in music. Ended up getting a bad deal, released my second album and realized that wasn’t what I wanted for my life. I didn’t want to be told what to do and how to express myself to anyone else. I moved to Atlanta at 22 hoping to get a nice restart. I was homeless sleeping on couch to couch and had a salon job for 3 weeks. I got fired for not being ambitious about my job.

I decided from then I couldn’t work for anyone and created my company called Braids By Lorine. I marketed myself on social media (Instagram, twitter, facebook, craigslist, etc) and started building a clientele. After that, I was able to move into my own space and kept working. I ended up getting my first place that year as well with Jeezy on his album called Church In The Streets. I took my earnings from that I moved to Los Angeles and built a clientele out here. I was able to buy my first car, moved into my place and established my mini salon. 2 of my favorite hair moments was braiding Erylah Badu’s hair. She is everything!! and also braiding Kelly Rowland’s hair.

She is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Also got to work with some of my fave artists like The Game, Wiz Khalifa, Pharrell, Pusha T and more! I’m working to get my own building and hair store and to also spread my music all over the world. Last year I had over 500K fans in 61 countries listening to my music. The plan is to retire by 35.

I remember the day I couldn’t even buy myself a meal. My friend David took me to chipotle and bought me a bowl. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life yet I was so grateful for him being there for me. I vowed that day on to never be in that position ever again. To not be able to take care of me. I felt so dumb and so weak but it led me to strive harder than ever before and I’m grateful for it.

To BE YOUR OWN Boss is to invent yourself. To make yourself anything you want to be and to also be the one controlling it all. Finding something you love and doing it well enough for it to be able to sustain your life. Taking care of yourself with your talents not having to listen to anyone. It is true freedom to be your own boss.


Twitter: @lorinechia | Instagram: @lorinechia


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