Taking The Leap From Accountant To CFO

Taking The Leap From Accountant To CFO

Accounting is undoubtedly one of the best professional fields for women who have a strong desire for success, as it can lead to multiple opportunities for advancement to corporate leadership. Of course, being an accountant for a company and being a certified public accountant are two different things. There are many people in the workforce who have financial assessment responsibilities at work who do not hold an accounting degree. A certification in accounting can be an excellent choice for a professional upgrade for those who already have a solid working knowledge of what accounting entails for any business. All accounting functions are fiduciary, and all companies are in the cash flow business. And, many of these businesses actually promote through the ranks from the talent they already have, including female staff members.

Why Professional Upgrade is Important

Nothing says seriousness like earning a degree in some area of educational discipline, and the most important officials for any company are the ones who understand how the company operates financially. In addition, earning a CPA license makes the common accountant a true professional who could conceivably open their own agency. The potential for advancement with an accounting degree exists in a wide variety of ways for either gender and allows for upward mobility that many other professions do not offer. Not only does an accounting degree provide employment latitude, but it also serves as proof of personal direction and ability to complete a long-term personal project. And the truth is, businesses also operate on long-term initiatives very similar to the education process.

Transitioning from Accountant to Chief Financial Officer

The CFO of any company is without a doubt one of the most important officers. Even though most CFO personnel are male, this is a rapidly changing trend in the business world. Professional women are making excellent progress in this regard, even if the movement is slower than many would like to see. When CEO officials are asking questions about how to proceed with a project, the CFO is usually the primary input officer. This means that it takes a true fiduciary professional who understands the impact on the company bottom line as well as operating stability. This is also a primary reason that many corporations choose a CFO from within the company ranks, even when they are not necessarily certified in the discipline. And, even though a degree is not required of a CFO, it is much better to have a certification that allows you to stand out among the crowd when it is time for a valid advancement opportunity.

Women still assuredly face promotional challenges in the workforce, but very few accomplishments indicate diligence and determination quite like earning a degree in a professional educational area that is highly desirable for all employers. Accounting is not only one of those educational areas, but could very well be the most important to any corporation looking for female managerial talent.

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