The 5 Step Onboarding Process When Hiring New Staff By Helen Astill

Hiring new staff brings its own challenges, no longer can you simply reply on new employees turning up and HR spending the morning going through paperwork before passing them onto their line manager. So here are 5 steps to help you get your new employee on board advised by MD Cherington HR Ltd.Helen Astill.

Welcoming preparation

If they are going to be working on-site, there will be a lot of work to do beforehand. Make sure that you have gone through the COVID-19 adjusted right to work checking process and issued the contract of employment and COVID-19 risk assessment documents to the employee. Follow up on references by email and keep in touch with the new starter by phone to answer any questions they may have.



If the new employees are going to be working from home, make sure that you have planned for the IT equipment to be supplied beforehand along with required office supplies.  Ensure that the software has been installed and set up with the right account details to ensure they can engage from the beginning of the day.  There is nothing more frustrating than waiting on a helpline for accounts to be set up.


Supportive expectations

Line managers should be in close contact throughout the first week.  Ensure that there is a structured plan to help ease the employees into the company.  Allocate time for them to find their way through the company’s electronic filing system.  Show them how to find company policies and the Employee Handbook, as well as for instructions on requesting annual leave or reporting sick for example.  Provide them with access to any online induction training that they need to complete.


Team culture & communication

Line managers should ensure that the new employees are introduced to colleagues so that they get to know the rest of the team.  This may take longer if working from home, but ensure that they can connect via email, phone, videoconference or company chat systems so that they can integrate with team members socially as well as formally.  Perhaps have a Zoom “coffee chat” to introduce staff to their new colleague and allocate one team member as a “buddy” to help them settle in.

Coaching & objectives

Ensure that the new employees know what is expected of them and check in regularly to ensure that they are making good progress or to answer questions if they have got stuck.  Schedule some 1:1 meetings to set objectives, coach the new employee and review progress during the probationary period. But if you have any concerns, speak to a reputable HR Adviser early on as they will be able to help iron out any difficulties before they become insurmountable.

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