The Key To Starting A Successful Business

Are you thinking seriously about starting your own business? If so, then there are certain factors that you need to think about. It is not news that starting your very own business is a lot of hard work, however, you need to be prepared for all the hurdles along the way. It is a well-known fact that a lot of businesses will fail within their first year of trading, this is as high as 90%. If you don’t get things right from the start then you are more likely to fall at the first or second hurdle. Take a look below to find out how you can start your very own successful business. 

Money, Money, Money

Every business needs money to help it grow and achieve greatness. There has been talk about starting a business with no money at all, this simply is not achievable. There will always be something that has been handed to someone that claims to have started a business with no money. If you don’t have money to hand then you won’t be able to pay for a location, equipment, supplies, or employees. If you don’t have the money available straight away then you will need to successfully apply for a business loan. You will need to prove to the bank that you are a responsible business owner. This comes in the form of a high credit score, without this, you are likely to fail your application. 


Something to consider within yoru business is the use of outsourcing. Oursourcing is when you send various tasks and jobs to people who don’t work for your business. This is usually a job that you don’t need a full-time person for within your company. Take for instance online security, you don’t need this doing on-site so you could use a managed cyber security company instead. Another popular position that often gets outsourced is an accountant. If you need any help with the books or where to save money then this could really help you.


Something else to think about is where you want your business to be located. Being among the main hustle and bustle of customers and potential clients will mean that you are more likely to get customers through the door. Be aware, the closer you are to the main high street, the more you will pay in rent or mortgage. However, if you set yourself back from the main row of shops and other businesses then you run the risk of not being seen or found. 

If you do decide to buy an office building further away from the centre then you will need to invest in good quality signage. This will be used to highlight your business and show your customers the way. 

Staff members

Your business will only ever be as strong as the team holding it up. Your employees are the backbone of your company and if anything goes wrong they will bear the brunt of it. When it comes to hiring new staff members, this is something you need to get right from the very beginning. Failure to do so can result in a high employee churn rate, this happens when your staff come and go within quick succession of each other. It can spell bad news for businesses should this happen, it can even cause you to close down. 

You need to make sure that you are advertising in the right places and filling in the ads the right way. A good quality job advertisement will state the level of qualifications a person should hold, how much experience they have in the field, and any personal attributes that person should have. This is a great way to prevent anyone and everyone applying for the position. Alternatively, if you want to stay focused on your business then you could use the help of a recruitment agency. 

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