The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine X The Luxury Lifestyle List: Samanah Duran, Founder And CEO Of Retail Company Critics Clothing

The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine X The Luxury Lifestyle List: Samanah Duran, Founder And CEO Of Retail Company Critics Clothing

We caught up with Samanah Duran, founder and CEO of retail brand Critics Clothing and BEYOUROWN, a digital media and news company dedicated to inspiring and champion entrepreneurs on a mission to lead. She was recently named Forbes 30 under 30 most influential in retail and e-commerce.

My car of choice

This is very tough! Although I am a big fan of the British history behind the Aston Martin brand and its beautifully crafted DB11. I have to say the Porsche GT3RS is my ultimate car of choice.

My favourite holiday destination

NYC. This alpha city I have been three times to date and it gets better every time. I love its diversity, importance within the global economic system and its ability to impress and overwhelm me with the many things it has to offer. From bars/restaurants to boutique coffee shops and indy clothing stores it never fails to disappoint.

My gadget I can’t live without

Mobile. Not just for business but for personal reasons, some being that I can connect in almost every way possible with my family and friends whilst travelling or working away from home.

My go-to fashion brand

The way that Zara have identified a gap in the retail market and executed a meticulous strategy that has put them way in front of their competitors is incredible. I love the way they consistently stay up to date with key industry trends and always keep the consumer in mind through the design and buying process of each garment.

My airline of choice

Virgin Atlantic, as I am a very big fan of Richard Branson as an entrepreneur. I love this innovative super brand and their brand core values are very clear when it comes to being customer-driven by providing luxury for a great value.

My favourite watch brand

I prefer the cutting edge, modern, yet classic designs of the Swiss watch brand Hublot over other watch brands.

My favourite restaurant

Gloria’s in Shoreditch is part of the Big Mamma Group with sister Italian restaurants based in Paris. This is their first UK based venture and its as maximalist as it can get with its larger than life 1950’s style fittings and interior design. Built on extravagance and vanity, their customer service and dining experience are on point.

My guilty pleasure

I absolutely love perfumes and I have a verified collection that consists of 32, including Roja, Hermes, Chanel and Tom Ford. My current go-to day to day perfume is Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium.

My favourite way to give back

Being the founder of BEYOUROWN, which is a digital media and news company dedicated to inspiring women in business I really love re-investing back into the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

I have just launched a membership club for women to connect, champion and celebrate entrepreneurs helping to make impactful changes and any lunches, dinners or events organised by us donate 10% of each ticket sale to our foundation which will be giving bi-annual grants for women in need of funding for their business ideas.


Twitter: @samanahduran

Instagram: @samanahduran



Taken from the original interview with The luxury Lifestyle Magazine

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