TIFFANY CROSARA: The Transformational Truth Of Tarot Retreat Plus Diploma 1

TIFFANY CROSARA: The Transformational Truth Of Tarot Retreat Plus Diploma 1

Welcome to a very special weekend in the most ancient Celtic heart of Cornwall hosted by Tiffany Crosara.

This untouched ancient land is known as West Penwith, measuring just eight miles across, it is home to no less than five hundred Bronze Age sites! This should give you some hint to its incredible magic. One of which is actually on the site we are staying, it’s an incredibly important monument known as the Boleigh Fogou. So important that the BBC came and did a Time Team program on it.

As well as the Boleigh Fogou on the actual grounds, The Michael Ley Line that runs through St Michael’s Mount passes right through Rosemerryn. Plus, there are two stone circles which encompass the land surrounding Rosemerryn, the central stone of one is made of quartz. These are all incredibly ancient and unfathomable energies, all we know is.

People leave Rosemerryn different, transformed, a page has turned, a chapter has been opened and a new life has begun, and people love to come back and do it again and again, embracing the magic, mystery, and wonder of knowing that their life will never be the same.

Would You like to Open the Door to the Magic?

  • Are you someone that has always had an interest in Tarot and self-development.
  • Would you like to learn the transformational power of the Tarot in a truly transformational place?
  • Does the sound of starting a new commitment to your spiritual journey on a whole deeper level whilst being held in a powerful circle, within magical stone circles appeal to you?

The Transformational Truth of Tarot Retreat is already pretty much full, in fact with only room for only six very important people, who they would love to open thier doors to meet!

It’s pretty much full because Tiffany already has a really wonderful group on this path, could you be the next member? This time, this retreat, for the first time is opening it’s doors to those who think they might want to do The Transformational Truth of Tarot!

This means: 

  • You get the Tarot Diploma 1 for free.
  • If you decide to do The Transformational Truth of Tarot then the price of your retreat will be deducted!

The transformation in this course is incredibly powerful and the energies here, at Rosemerryn, are incredibly powerful, so if you are just interested in dabbling for a few days, then this isn’t the retreat for you.

If however, you are excited by the thought of making a new level of commitment to your self-discovery and you feel excited about joining an incredibly safe and supportive group then read on.

Date & Time

Tuesday 26, February 2019




West Penwith



Ticket Information


Travel Information

International Travel:

Many students come from other countries to attend, even some as far as Canada, the USA, and Australia. They tend to turn it into a trip of a lifetime, flying into London, seeing the sights of Stonehenge, Glastonbury and the fantastic Roman City of Bath on their way, if they rent a car, or just an overnight stop in Bath if they want to break up the six-hour journey into two.

  • If you prefer, catch a connecting flight from London to Newquay, that takes an hour instead of six, and then pick up a car or the train for the last hour.

National Travel:

You can catch a coach or a train from many cities in Britain to Penzance – PZ is surprisingly well-connected (but you might need a good book to read on the way as it’s far far away!).

  • You can also drive down the M5 and A30 (or, from London, the M3, A303, and A30).
  • If you don’t like the thought of a long journey you can book a sleeper train and sleep through it – just be sure to book a berth!
  • Or fly into Newquay airport to save 5 hours and then pick up a train or a car from there.
  • If you get the train, stay on till the last stop, Penzance – and then you’ll need to get a taxi for the last bit (15 minutes), even the train doesn’t go as far as we go!
  • Only certain taxis are in the know too!

So, we will let you know which one to get, because once you enter the Lamorna valley all your reception goes, zilch signal, boom, it’s gone! No telephone box, no shops, only a pub with erratic opening times, and the February sea fog means we need to look after you!




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