Website Designing For Generation X: Why Brands Should Pay Attention By Needi

Generation X refers to the name given to people born around 1961-1981. This demographic group should be seen as the most important consumer when it comes to buying power. These people are busy. They are running households, paying mortgages, bringing up children and are probably at the height of their careers. Gen X groups do not have time to mess about. If Gen X is on your website, chances are they are there for a specific reason. They have a question, and they require quick and concise answers. Here are 5 simple pointers by Louise Doyle, Needi Founder and CEO.

  1. Keep websites clean in design and simple to navigate. Gen X do not want to be distracted during their mission. They have managed to escape the chaos of their everyday lives to quickly do online what they need to do. They do not want to be bombarded with pop-ups or flashing images redirecting them to various pages within the site. They require a search tool and categories to help break down the website’s content for easy accessibility.
  1. Ensure the content is relevant. Studies show Gen X are more likely to read the text than any other demographic group, so it is important to make sure the information they are reading is what they need. Afterall, these very busy people do not have time to sift through pages and pages of jargon. Keep it to the point!
  1. As Gen X are most likely to read everything they see, they are also most likely to judge you on your content so invest in a good copy writer and proof-reader. Something as simple as a typo can devalue your brand. The eye is in the detail and if you haven’t got that right, the consumer will lose trust in you and shop elsewhere.
  1. Gen X are much less tech savvy than Millennials. Don’t get me wrong, they can work their way around a website, just not at lightning speed so keep links to a minimum. If you want to add a social platform to your site it is probably best to use Facebook as this is the social media they are most likely to use. LinkedIn also.
  1. Research has found Gen X to be the most loyal customer base. Returning customers are responsible for generating 41 percent of revenue and also tend to spend more on purchases than new customers. It is essential you have a good loyalty scheme so these customers keep shopping with you. 

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