When Should You Contact A GDPR Lawyer?

GDPR must be taken seriously. It stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR is a European Union law that aims to ensure internet users’ online privacy and enable them to opt-in and out of what data they share. It applies to all companies storing personal information about anyone living in Europe – including those based in the U.S.

Those who do not comply with Europe’s data protection laws face a tough road ahead. Last year, Amazon was hit with an $887 million fine due to their GDPR shortcomings. While punishments will vary case by case, it is imperative to be on the right side of the law. When should you contact a GDPR lawyer? We have listed some scenarios below where their input and counsel are vital. 

Making appointments 

As your firm continues to grow, its GDPR obligations can evolve. This is true when you’re making new appointments in your enterprising interests. 

If you are bringing new EU business partners into the fold, you must do your due diligence with them with data protection. GDPR law only pertains to data about individuals, not entire businesses. However, if your new business partner is running a firm alone in the EU, then you will need GDPR counsel on their behalf. They will expect you to be fully compliant too, and your efforts GDPR will build a stronger sense of trust between you. 

Of course, you will also need to appoint a data protection officer in your firm. These individuals will have many responsibilities and powers to protect the personal data of partners, customers, and even employees. Their list of obligations can be long, so consulting a GPDR lawyer will ensure that these individuals perform to the necessary standards. 

Training staff

It is not just data protection officers that need to be brought up to speed. Many workers in a business that deals with EU citizens need to be familiar with GDPR. They should complete a comprehensive training initiative to increase their awareness. 

GDPR legal counsel can help these procedures be effective as possible. The Law Office of S. Grynwajc offers an optional service to provide various training to your team. This high-quality GDPR lawyer can keep everyone in your firm informed. Their learning materials have been adapted to your company, industry sector, business activity, and processing practices. 

Compliance with GDPR law depends on the proactivity of your entire business. Work with legal representatives who go above and beyond and can elevate each employee’s awareness and performance around EU data protection laws.  

Drafting your data protection policy

All roads lead back to your company’s data protection policy. It needs to be legally bulletproof, which means the input of a GDPR legal expert can be highly beneficial. 

GDPR is supposed to give more privacy rights to consumers. However, in 2019, users, companies, and regulators experienced frustrations while implementing these policies. These circumstances are best avoided if you are new to these procedures. GDPR legal counsel can ensure that your firm’s evolution is as painless as possible. Fewer delays will be incurred, and the process will be streamlined and easier to manage and understand. Hire legal support and feel more confident in the process. 

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