Why You Should Ditch The 9-5 By Fiona Scott

Maybe being self-employed was never part of the plan, may you didn’t dream of working for yourself, maybe you simply dreamed of doing a job that you love.

Maybe you have no idea that breaking away from traditional employment will be the catalyst for a career that ticks so many boxes and makes you happier than you ever thought possible. Here’s why you should join me in ditching the 9-5 by author of Out of Office: Ditch the 9-5 And Be Your Own Boss, Fiona Scott.

No more commuting 

If working from home this year has made you realise that you waste time and money simply getting to your place of work, then consider freelancing. No commuting means school pickups, reduced childcare costs, early coffee dates with pals or if you’re like most that love ludicrously long lie-ins without the guilt. 

A job for life 

It’s no secret that big companies have struggled to react to the economic impact of COVID-19. While many lie awake at night worrying about redundancies, you may find yourself awake at night for different reasons. The future is just as uncertain for but freelancing will give you some sense of control that is absent for so many. As a company of one, you can make instant changes to my business model by increasing prices, adding new packages and pivoting into new industries. It’s a challenge, but running your own business can give you more job security than regular employment.

Take back control

Traditionally, promotions have always been earned through loyalty and longstanding relationships. Many of our grandparents worked for one company their entire adult life and were rewarded for their service. Nowadays, that’s just not the case. So what can you do when you’re ignored in favour of an outside hire or, worse, your boss just doesn’t want to move you from the role you’re currently excelling in? Freelancing lets you control your journey, especially when you feel you’ve outgrown your current job title. Want to be in charge of a business? Start your own. It’s much quicker (and more fulfilling) than trying to clamber up the ladder and fight off the competition to snatch that CEO spot.

Avoid the pigeon hole

There’s still an incredible about of stigma around people who enjoy leapfrogging between varying roles and industries. Shouldn’t someone who can both drive a bus and manage an office be celebrated instead of labelled as unreliable? If you’re someone who constantly feels underserved by the training and development opportunities on offer in your workplace then you might thrive as a sole trader. You can choose which skills you want to learn, which projects you want to work on and these can change day to day, year to year. The portfolio career has never been more relevant, so lean into the movement and expand your horizons. 

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