5 Ways To Pivot Your Mindset When You’ve Lost Your Business To A Pandemic By Lauren Rosenberg

After a traumatic event, such as losing our jobs/business due to the pandemic, many of us have negative thoughts and unwelcome feelings that we need to manage. These thoughts and feelings could include anger, resentment, despair and sadness. These are emotions that are hard to deal with. 

Author of ‘How To Move Forward When The Unthinkable Happens Lauren Rosenberg is an anxiety, grief, fear and phobia relief expert and Master EFT Practitioner. She works with Emotional Freedom Techniques, using tapping therapies and positive affirmations to unblock the body’s energy channels to release the beliefs and emotions preventing us from moving forward. Here, Lauren explains 5 ways in which you can pivot your mindset when you’ve lost your business to a pandemic.

Embrace the trauma, acknowledge the negative and prepare to face those self-sabotaging thoughts

We can also feel stuck because we are not sure how to cope and how to move beyond these difficult and unexpected times. The problem is that if these feelings aren’t managed well from the start, a difficult but temporary situation can last for years and for some even a lifetime. It’s easy to forget how to be happy because life becomes so bleak. They are different ways you could start helping yourself to make some changes and move forward in life.

Negative thoughts and feelings like anger and hatred hold you back and block your energy, causing both physical and emotional trauma. To release this negativity, you need to turn your anger into love and shift your expectations and beliefs so that you focus on positive thoughts and feelings. This way, you’ll attract more of what you want into your life.

It’s all about the energy

Quantum Physics has revealed that the universe is made up purely of energy; everything is energy. It’s an amazing idea. But what it means is that as well as everything else in our world, our thoughts are also energy, which means they can change what we perceive and experience, making the world a reflection of our own beliefs and expectations.

Practise daily gratitude

To get started, try to put a plan in action like writing a list of what you are grateful for every day, put a routine in place such as practising breathing exercises every day, learning the EFT techniques and creating your own affirmations statement to stay focusing on the positive.

By practising gratitude, you too will be able to recognise the gift of life at the deepest level. You’ll see that every day is precious. If you experience feelings of grief, loss, anxiety and guilt when your alarm clock goes off each day, instead be grateful that you are alive and have another day ahead of you with all the opportunities it has to offer.

Manifest your future

Take action to transform yourself. Notice whether you feel ready for that or whether you are resisting. Are there things that are stopping you or holding you back from making consistent changes so you can lead a fulfilling and successful life? Our thoughts are vibrations, energy waves that interact and influence the field of possibilities.

Every thought we have, have had and ever will have creates a vibration that extends out into the energy field. These vibrations criss-cross with other vibrations to create an incredible maze of energy that connects with matching vibrations. We are like living magnets that radiate thought-energy and we attract the people and events into our lives that align with our own significant thoughts.

For instance, have you ever thought about something you wanted or someone you needed to see, only to bump into them or get that thing shortly afterwards? You might see this as a coincidence, but in fact, it is energy vibrations flowing as a result of our thoughts.

Let the light in

Even in the darkest moment don’t forget you can turn the light on. When my late daughter passed away at age 20, we turned this unthinkable tragedy into a positive one and created an ambulance that is saving lives every day.

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