How Entrepreneurs Can Build Healthy Habits To Protect Their Mindset Through The COVID-19 Pandemic

How Entrepreneurs Can Build Healthy Habits To Protect Their Mindset Through The COVID-19 Pandemic

Marilyn Devonish, The NeuroSuccess™ Coach, is a certified PhotoReading™ instructor, NLP trainer, keynote speaker, off and online workshop facilitator, freelance writer, flexible working implementation management consultant, and certified multi-disciplinary therapist.  a personal trainer for your brain,  he specialises in blending aspects of neuroscience with personal development to make accelerated performance more easily accessible to all.

Marilyn is also the founder of TranceFormations™, a Coaching, Training and Consultancy organisation committed to creating impactful and lasting rapid transformation and change.  Her journey into these disciplines started with being diagnosed with what they thought to be early-onset Alzheimer’s in her 20s, and contemplating suicide in her 30s.

Having found a quick, easy, and lasting way to turn that diagnosis and things around 19 years ago, she has been working with both individuals and organisations since then to help accelerate their potential and performance.

Foremost, be aware of what is going on around you because we can unconsciously pick things up by osmosis. As children, that is largely how we first learnt to make sense of the world, and a capacity for that still exists as adults, so if you’re surrounded by negative headlines, negative or unsupportive people, and being bombarded by messages about how bad and hopeless the whole coronavirus pandemic is, at best you have to do more neurological work to keep yourself on point, and at worst, you get sucked into the vortex of negativity.

There’s a line in Indiana Jones where the Knight says: “choose wisely.”  So say the same when choosing the majority of who and what you are surrounded by. The majority being on purpose as sometimes you are not 100% in control of who you’re with or the environment in which you live or work. Where you do not have a choice, it requires some good mental hygiene and agility.

The Thought Flip

Focus on what you want. It’s a lesson I first learnt at a defensive driving course where, if you go into a spin, you look in the direction you want to go.  We can say the same of our human brain and neurology.

If you find your thoughts and mindset running away with you, stop for a moment and ask yourself where your focus is, and what you are focusing on. If it’s not what you want, flip it, and put your focus on its opposite number instead.


Take a leaf out of the PhotoReading™ book for this one. Even those entrepreneurs who don’t regularly watch the news or read beyond sensationalist headlines are being drawn into the coronavirus pandemic.

There’s no point pretending it doesn’t exist; that approach is part of the problem, don’t by the same token get overly drawn into the detriment of your mental health. For whatever you are about to do, set a clear purpose and intention for that segment of time.

For example, for the next 15 minutes focus on extracting the statistics from the report you are reading, after that have an Incubation Break then for the next 30 minutes focus on writing the newspaper article or Blog. Once you have decided on the intention and the clock is ticking, unless there is a real emergency, fulfilling your intention remains key for that segment of time.

Breathe and Relax

Now more than ever is the time to look after your physical health because the coronavirus is looking for hosts with weak immune systems.  Being in a continual stressful state, not just about the virus, but also the economy and your livelihood can leave you both physically and emotionally under par.  When we’re stressed, we tend to shallow breath and turn inwards, so do something each day to physically and mentally relax.

It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Doing a combined expansive relaxation and breathing exercise can also enhance send more oxygen to the brain, and enhance left and brain right integration, which has the knock-on effect of increasing your creativity, intuition, and decision.



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