How Entrepreneurs Can Still Keep To A Working From Home Routine To Reduce Anxiety During Self-Isolation By Suzanne Guest

Why Entrepreneurs Should Form A Working From Home Routine To Reduce Anxiety During Self-Isolation

Suzanne Guest is a registered occupational psychologist and TV psychologist. She works with people and helps them to return to work after brain injuries and other serious injuries. Suzanne has successfully run her own company, Work In Mind for 12 years and is regularly called to give comment on TV and radio about psychological issues.  

It’s a strange and scary time for entrepreneurs.  Some feel like they have massive mountains to climb and a deluge of work, while others are worried that they will have no business to return to after the coronavirus restrictions have been lifted.  The smart entrepreneurs are working through these tough times is a systematic way.  This could be dealing with the immediate needs of a company that has suddenly got a crisis to deal with or working on marketing campaigns and product launches to support a business when the crisis ends.  

A good schedule is a simple, yet effective way of helping entrepreneurs manage anxiety.  It’s important to remember that you are not a slave to a schedule, you don’t have to block out each minute of activity.  However, it’s a good way to turn what can seem like a never-ending to-do list into something that is achievable. It’s easy to get into either working non- stop or letting a demotivated day turn into an unproductive week. No routine? Not to worry, here are 3 ways entrepreneurs can still form a healthy working from home routine to help reduce the pain of anxiety during the COVID-19 self-isolation situation.

You don’t have to be productive all day 

Work out the times of day that you feel like you concentrate the best and do work then.  At the times you concentrate less well, do something physical such as exercise or do housework. We are not designed to sit still all day and many people think better after they have moved around. It could be you have a longer working day, but have a long break in the middle to exercise or do other housework, gardening or family time.

Work out what you want to do each day 

It’s easy to get overfed by a big to-do list, so instead of seeing a big list, work out each day what you need to achieve, it could be 2 or 3 jobs that have priority.  Do these jobs first.  It’s easy for the priority jobs to become overwhelming, so do them first, often they don’t take as long as you think and have more time in the day to do other things.  If you do find that the jobs take longer than you thought, you’ve started at the beginning of the day and so got plenty of time to do them.  

Take one day at a time

There are always people who like to show off how they are acing their new ways of working, exercising, starting a new project and got a side hustle going.  Those people only put good things on social media. It’s great to want to use this time positively, but it’s okay to admit that it is a scary and strange time. If you have a bad day, allow that and start a new day afresh, if you have a good day be grateful. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you work in chunks in a consistent way.  



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