How Entrepreneurs Can Still Reduce The Risk Of Coronavirus Anxiety By Serena Sabala

The Coronavirus is targeting the single most important pillar of our lives: our health and wellbeing. It is threatening our lives and the lives of those we love most, especially our most vulnerable people such as the elders and sick. Nothing shakes us to the core more than a threat of this nature because it bypasses all rational thinking and triggers autonomic responses which are embedded in us deeper than any other, due to the principle of the “conservation of the species”.  

However, like always in life, with any great challenge also come great opportunities for growth, self-development, expansion and hope; being able to implement strategies which allow us to shift our perspective and leverage this powerful momentum is the single most important thing we can

Health coach Serena Sabala shares her top 3 tips that aim to have the greatest positive impact on your life right now that will help to minimise the Coronavirus anxiety.

Prioritise health and wellness activities above all else

As mentioned, one of the reasons why your emotions are so negatively triggered right now is because this pandemic is threatening your very survival. Being proactive in taking active care of your health and wellbeing will not only make you feel better in your body but also, most importantly, in your mind and spirit.

It will make you feel stronger and more confident in facing any challenges that may arise and it will make you less likely to worry that you may get sick, which now more than ever, will massively and positively boost your morale. It will also make you feel more energised and will improve your concentration and productivity.

Just ticking the minimum boxes is more than enough for now: simple acts such as moving your body daily, drinking enough water and eating fresh fruit and vegetables will make all the difference. Create a simple and non-intimidating wellness routine that works for you and doesn’t feel like hard work; the fundamental thing is to get to it every single day, no matter what.

Spend 80% of your efforts on strengthening the focus pillar

You can clearly identify the three most fundamental pillars of wellbeing; known as the ‘Three Fs.’ The three pillars work together like the legs of a tripod: if all three of them are strong, the all structure is strong but if one of them is even slightly weaker than the others, the whole structure is wobbly, unstable and you’ll either feel like you’re not fulfilling your potential or like it takes too much effort to maintain your optimal state. If all the three pillars, one is generally most undervalued and that is the Focus pillar. This is a sad fact given that the focus pillar is also the most powerful of the three. At moments such as the present one, we must spend at least 80% of our health and wellness efforts on activities that allow us to develop and strengthen our Focus pillar.

For example, a daily gratitude routine, at least 5 minutes of meditation, journaling, identifying your self-sabotaging thoughts, are all exercises which will make you feel more balanced, equanimous and centred. These are very important qualities to nurture during a crisis. 

Reach out to your communities and avoid isolating yourself

More than ever, we need to be able to reach out to like-minded individuals who have similar interests and aspirations and who can hear us out, motivate us and keep us accountable at times when we lose our balance (which is occasionally unavoidable right now).

Isolation is deeply debilitating, no wonder it is used as a form of torture. Right now, it can be very easy to experience it, so our communities are our life-line. Find a community that speaks to you and that you know you can tap into daily even from afar. Make sure it is an inspiring and motivating one and that you can actually connect with real people in an authentic way (even if just at a distance): together we’re stronger than we would ever be on our own.

Now is the best time to re-shift your priorities, do something different and take your life somewhere new. We may not have chosen the challenges that we are facing, but we do have a choice on what to do with them and how to handle them.

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