Tops Tips On How To get Yourself Headhunted

In this very competitive world, we all want to be able to move up the promotional ladder and if our current boss is not offering us the opportunity to do so then it might be time to start looking elsewhere. The downside to this is that trying to find a new job can take up an incredible amount of your time and so you’re going to be looking for a new position while still trying to do your job properly with your current company. Sometimes it’s a little easier to let someone else do all of the hard work for you and hopefully they will find a position that is worthy of your skills.

Being hunted by a headhunter in Thailand is something that we all want and so it’s likely that you have no idea how to bring attention to yourself so that these professionals notice you and they take a real interest in your future career prospects and what it is that you want out of your professional working life. If you would like to be headhunted sometime in the near future then the following are just some of the top tips to help you make that happen.

  • Promote yourself – Nobody is going to know exactly who you are and what you have to offer if you don’t put yourself out there and tell people about your career to date and your future aspirations. There are a number of popular websites that you could join that will allow you to network with like-minded people and maybe it might be a good idea to attend a few conferences where potential employers and headhunters will be.
  • Create an online presence – If headhunters are looking for potential employees then it’s likely that the going to be looking around the Internet for the right kind of people. It’s likely that you have a social media presence, so make sure that this is very up-to-date and that there is no information on there like social media mistakes that could jeopardise your chances of getting any kind of promotion.
  • Be ready for an interview – You could be headhunted at any time and so they will invite you for an interview quite quickly because they already know a lot about you. This means that you have to keep your current resume up-to-date even when on vacation and you have to be able to answer the many questions that they will ask. Keep yourself also up-to-date with the industry that you are currently involved in and also be looking out for companies that you would really like to work for if given the opportunity.

It is also important that you make sure that you are working with the right recruiters and headhunters to make sure that they have your future career goals in their mind and they are not simply just trying to find someone for the position so that they can get the commission. Make sure that they understand the particular sector that you are involved in and the particular sector that you would like to move over to, if given the right kind of opportunity.

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