5 Ways To Succeed During Times Of Change By Elaine Batho

Change is disconcerting. For some, it’s totally debilitating, everyone wants certainty. Human nature craves comfort and safety, but there is only one certainty in life and that is change. So how do we continue to prosper when everything around us is unstable? 

Elaine Batho shares with us 5 ways to succeed during times of change. Elaine helps overworked professionals love their lives again through her work as a life coach and wellness consultant. Drawing on her own transformation from burnout and anxiety, and using her extensive knowledge and qualifications to support others to be healthier, happier and stress-free.

Take back your power 

Stress comes from things that cannot be controlled. Fundamentally, anything external. For example, the amount of work the boss expects to be done in a day, or a global pandemic! When focusing on what individually can’t be controlled, it’s a never-ending battle that can’t be won, it drains energy and depletes joy.

Focusing on what can be controlled, takes back the power.  The power is in how each person controls their mind, body, and life. Focusing on what can be done, rather than what can’t, is the difference between being the victim of circumstance and stress, or leading and succeeding in life.

Move with the change

Holding on to expectations not allowing things to evolve, hinders growth and blocks opportunity. Letting go of the belief that something has to be a certain way is totally freeing. Those that are the most adaptable will have the happiest lives.
Being able to adapt and evolve is an essential skill that every person would benefit from mastering. Take the most successful music artist as an example. Each of them have adapted and evolved with the times. The ones that stayed the same and refused to change didn’t last. Accepting that everything is always changing and moving can be exciting and scary. Becoming more adaptable and evolving with change keeps life flowing.  Just like nature sheds its leaves in autumn and rebirths in the spring. So must every part of life. There are always new opportunities and experiences when you look for them.

Learn from the experience

Life is one big school of learning. Just because something looks dissimilar to what was, doesn’t mean its wrong. Yes, it might be scary as it’s new and different, the best lessons usually are. Asking better internal questions can be the catalyst between staying stuck trying to keep things the same. And, letting life evolve. Whilst learning the valuable lessons expanding personal growth, and enabling success to flourish. Everything is either a lesson or a blessing, so what could this experience right now be teaching?

Mindset is everything

Thoughts are not given, neither are emotions, they are self-created. Everybody can decide how they want to think and feel. Choosing a mindset that helps rather than hinders is everything. Some of the happiest people live with very little; some of the wealthiest are the most miserable. It has nothing to do with external riches, but everything to do with internal mindset. The happiest people cultivate mindsets of gratitude, acceptance, unwavering belief and kindness. Just as bodies need regular training to be muscular and healthy, so too does the mind.

Focus on mastery, not outcome

The pressure to be perfect and right will derail success and confidence along with it.
Focusing on being the master of the skill rather than the outcome to gain, will relieve the pressure.

If the circumstances change (which invariably they will) it is far easier to adapt, learn and control when it’s inwardly focused mastery.  For example; Success through mastering the game of tennis. By being the most dedicated and best player you can be. Versus a definition of success, of having to win every game in a season. With a mastery mindset, you never fail and always succeed.

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