She is a Mexican artist who earned her degree in graphic design, with a minor in art, at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. Meet Lourdes Villagomez who continued her studies in photographic and art at CATS College in Cambridge and has most recently graduated from Academia Riaci in Florence Italy with her master’s degree in Visual Arts.

Using acrylic as her main technique, her works represent a range of various topics including portraits and her native Mexico’s rich culture. Her fresh style and full use of colour give her art a vibrant and lively touch.

We are a particular fan of the Mayan Head Dress, thus symbolising empowerment, respect and strong leadership within a community, a design concept that Critics Clothing focused an entire collection on in 2014. Can you tell us why you chose to base some of your art pieces on it also?

I like the symbolism of the headdress because the ones who used to wear it, were people with spiritual power and I think that spiritual power is very important in order to achieve your goals and feel strong.

What do you dislike about the art world and what is a common misconception?

I don’t like to think about what I personally don’t like. I usually see the good stuff and take advantage of it. I also think that it is better to spend our time thinking about what we like in any situation reflecting life itself.

Following on from that, a misconception that I believe is very common is that artist’s work only in moment’s of inspiration or that they have this endless gift of creativity. This is not true, we really have to work hard to produce a high standard of work – of course, natural talent does help!

Which particular style do you naturally gravitate towards?

I love pop art and cubism those are my favourite styles.

Do think the art world can be particularly lonely at times?

It can be very lonely sometimes. I spend a lot of hours by myself and I can spend days without speaking to anyone and I only realise this after a lot of hours of work. I become so focused on creating spectacular art, that I don’t have this ‘need’ or desire to be with other people and it is only when I finish my piece that I realise this.

How would you say your artwork is breaking the mould?

I think it is breaking the mould because it is something new that I haven’t seen created before. It reflects Mexican culture which, in my opinion, is absolutely amazing and it spreads a positive message.



Instagram: @lourdes_villagomez

Website: http://www.lourdesvillagomez.net

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