Tuija Kauppinen is the founder of Tuija K Designing People that has been helping business professionals to upgrade their business style and image in Finland. Her company just celebrated its’ 10th anniversary.

She is also the founder of her global business Women Business Passion that is helping women around the world to discover their passion, vision and their passionate style again.

Tuija has an international background having been married to a British man, and lived 12 years in London and Tokyo. Back in Finland, she founded her company Tuija K Designing People in 2009, and this spring 2019 she is going global with her limited company trade named Tuija K Global.

The new global business idea is to offer motivational speaking for global stages and to offer online courses that relate to the newly founded Women Business Passion movement. Also included will be digital styling courses worldwide.

“Passion is all you need in business, in life.” – Tuija Kauppinen

During the 10 years of her work as a business style consultant and style coach, she was granted opportunities to work with the top professionals right from the beginning of her career, and got a great amount of media coverage over those years. In 2014 she was also selected as the Woman Entrepreneur of Helsinki. Her clientele and work experience consist of small to corporate size companies, trade-fair stage presentations, and hundreds of private clients from top politicians to unemployed people.

Tuija is well-known for always seeking further education and self-improvement, and this spring has been attending an online course run by a Miami based company Grant Cardone Enterprises. She is a well-known speaker in her own field, has a personality that is hard to forget and delivers energy, The Passion, that is impossible to dismiss.

Tuija is married to her company and lives alone in Espoo, Southern Finland. She has a son who lives close by and who just finished his first year at the Aalto! University. On her leisure time, she goes to the gym.

Welcome Tuija, thank you for coming on board with us, can you introduce yourself to us?

I am 53 yrs old woman entrepreneur from Finland. I have an international background as I was married to a British man and have lived in London and Tokyo for 12 years. We have a wonderful son who lives in Finland and who just finished his first year in the Aalto! University. Yes, I am very proud of him!

10 years ago I established my company Tuija K Designing People ® that specialises in coaching and styling business people on business style. I absolutely love my work with people, clothing, fashion, and colours. I have a genuine passion for serving my clients the best way I can and carry out my work with a passionate but humble mind. I am professionally also good at what I do, and it is said that I very easily find a suitable style for each client. Personally, I believe this is due to me listening to my client’s needs in a most sensitive way and thus it is easy to understand him/her better. I want my client to look good and be satisfied with my services.

I am married to my business, and in my leisure time, I go to the gym because I recently hired a good-looking personal trainer, yes! A man and he really knows how to push me to my limits and a little beyond. After three months we can start seeing some good results.

I love to laugh, have a great sense of humour and I do things with passion, with an energy that people around me easily catch it from me. My favourite motto is ”Passion is all you need in business, in life”.

Can you talk us through the path you have pathed to where you are now as a business style coach and motivational speaker? Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! Can you talk to us how you first started and what the setup process was like for bringing new clients on board to work with?

I started this business 10 years ago when I was literally still studying the subject to become a stylist. By that time boyfriend acquired me my very first corporate client, a small company, whose personnel I trained, coached and styled personally. After nine years I visited their company again, and they still are dressing according to my advice, they still have Tuija K Certificate of a Well-Dressed Company on their wall, and they still have a full-body mirror on the wall in a location where everybody sees their habitués every single day.

That was the starting point. Since then I started acquiring more corporate and private clients by getting connected in numerous events just to meet people and to make connections. I started to get invitations to speak in various events and trade-fairs, and also got more private clients to create them a new personal business style.

I started my business from an absolute zero point where I didn’t have any clients or even any work experience, and today, this spring 2019, I am going global with my speaker business and with my new online training programs.

On the 26th of March 2019, my company had her 10th anniversary, and I arranged a company celebration lunch a month later on the 26th April where I also launched my new global product WomenBusinessPassion. Those attending were some of my clients, business associates, and friends, thought it is a brilliant idea. To be honest, I think so too.


What does a typical day look like for you?

Three months ago I hired myself a truly professional personal trainer, and my mornings nowadays start with stretching, planking and push-up exercises. Followed by porridge and coffee.

More importantly, this spring my days have been filled with getting my global business portfolio ready and serving my private clients in my home country. All this spring I have been online trained extensively by an American company and the training continues in June in Miami.  

Can you break down the importance of personal style how it has an effect on working with potential clients and the impact of the overall company image?

My initial motto 10 years ago “it’s good to look good in business” still applies. The way we present ourselves delivers a message on a personal and on a corporate level, and it tells people how we relate to this world: the style standard in use tells about your level of consideration of other people e.g. it is a social message, it tells about your ranking and professional standing, it tells about your income level, sophistication and many times your level of education. There is also a message hiding that whispers the truth about your attitude, thinking and values of life, and that, of course, of your personality and nationality. 

Too many times the importance of personal style is under-valued in business or it is not addressed to because it is not known how and because it is a very personal issue. But on a corporate level, it shouldn’t be just a personal issue when the person is representing the company and, in worst cases, making the shabby habitués a general corporate message. Also, it is worth knowing that with the right kind of attire and apparel one can influence positively or, indeed, negatively on a potential client depending on the style. One can even make a subtle, intuitive impact with the right kind of colours and fabrics that just makes the client feel at ease.

How are you working towards your own personal development?

I am always out and about for self-improvement. This spring I have acquired further training on motivational speaking and how to create a truly great talk. This process has included getting used to talk in front of a video camera and the whole process of making the videos. 

Also, as already mentioned, I have a personal trainer and am getting super fit mentally and physically.


Number one rule in business you stick by?

Stay honest, genuine and kind.

What are your preferred marketing methods for your business style coaching services?

Nothing beats personal contacts in any sales and marketing actions but I am also very active in social media and just reached 10K followers in Instagram. Social media campaigns and visibility there is my preferred type of marketing of all methods.

Can you share one pro and one con of running your own business?

When you have your own business, you tend to have a wonderful boss  Well, I have a mind of an entrepreneur and I just love running a business, but obviously, the other side of the coin is that your business is always there with you. Always.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

BEYOUROWN is the right kind of platform for me and my business among all the other Leading Women with a Vision. I look forward to being part of this great community.

Can you tell us about your new global business Women Business Passion?

Women Business Passion is targeted to women all around the world in discovering their passion again. We all need passion to run our businesses, careers and private lives with better energy, and especially in running our businesses to get better results faster.

I addition to motivational speaking I will promote and offer online services to the Women Business Passion community. Main online course is to help women to discover their passion again in running their business, in bettering themselves with their careers or even in making their private life happier. It is all about passion, vision and how to do it.

On top of that, I will put my business styling professionalism in use in helping them to upgrade their personal style to go with the newly discovered passionate life. The initial online course includes universal feminine styling advices how to look like a passionate woman. The personal online style services can be purchased separately.

Finally, what are you working on throughout 2019?

This year I am working on growing my business and revenue exponentially, and in a day or two, there will be published my renewed exclusive personal style service product.



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