How To Boost The Mood And Energy In Your Small Gym

Small, independent gyms need to go above and beyond to create a welcoming, energetic environment for their clients. Small gyms cannot compete with larger chains in terms of size, offerings, and equipment. What they can offer, however, is a close-knit community that feels more personal. You can really get to know your clients, can help them with their individual goals, and can help them feel connected to their wider community as a small gym. 

This goes a long way, and it can be your unique selling point. Great customer service, however, is just the icing on top. If you want to bring in clients and keep them there, then you first need to offer a positive environment that feels great to work out in, even without the most advanced equipment. 

You can do a lot with a little, especially when you use these top tips: 

The right backing music 

Music can be tricky in gyms. Yes, a high, upbeat, and fun playlist of music can really pump you up while you’re working out, but people listen to their own playlists and you need to respect that. No matter what music you choose, it won’t beat customers’ own playlists, especially when listened to with earphones. 

That doesn’t mean you don’t need backing music. Streaming background music for gyms is a simple and effective way to improve the overall ambiance of your gym and improve members’ workouts. Keep in mind that you’ll need different genre playlists for each zone. If there’s an area that encourages fast-paced exercise, then you’ll want different backing music than where members do their yoga, for example. The secret is to choose music that blends together and is at an appropriate volume level. This way, those that want to listen to their own music can do so comfortably, while those who don’t like earphones in when they’re working out can instead tune into your own playlist. 

How to add Energy to your design 

The energy of a space can make a huge difference in any workout routine. In general, you’ll want the space as well-lit with natural light as possible. Natural light is an energy booster. To capitalize on the light your gym gets, you’ll want to put the higher-intensity exercise machines closer to your windows. You’ll also want to use large mirrors to bounce that light as much as possible. When it comes to color theory, don’t immediately jump to energy-intensive shades like yellow. Colors should instead be all about focus. Cooler tones like blue can help your members stay focused through their workout with minimal distractions. Let the music set the pace of your gym. 

Schedule quiet zones or times 

Some work out best in silence, or with minimal music and distractions. You can easily accommodate those with sensory issues and who just want a peaceful, no-distraction workout by blocking out quiet times in the gym. This could mean no music or just peaceful white noise music. It could also mean enforcing a quiet zone that limits talking. This way, you can accommodate those who want something peaceful to start their day. There’s no reason why you can’t have both, after all! 

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