Packaging Your Products: 6 Things Start-Ups Need To Know

There’s a lot of things to get right for a new start-up. From your products and services to hiring a solid team, it can be a challenge to get it all done.  

If you’re offering a range of products, then getting the packaging right is crucial. You will need it to stand out, be cost-effective and draw customers in. Here are some of the things you need to know about getting packaging right.  

Choose the right type of packaging  

There are many types of packaging out there. You need to know which will be the most suitable for your products and decide which to use accordingly. For instance, will your packaging need to be suitable for keeping fresh produce chilled or hardy enough to protect delicate items?  

Research here is vital. It may help to try out a few different packaging types with your various products and do a stress test to see how well they protect the items inside.  

Be bold 

To stand out among your competitors, you need your packaging to be eye-catching and unique. It can help to do some research into the types of packaging your competitors use and see if you can learn from their mistakes and successes.  

Of course, you should never copy – aside from putting you at risk of copyright infringement, it may also make customers confuse you with your competition. Instead, see what works and find ways to put your own spin on successful packaging from other businesses. You could consider getting the help of a professional designer to ensure that your product packaging looks its best.  

Consider automation 

Automation is an excellent way to save time when packaging items. Packaging by hand can take a long time, and if you have a lot to package, this can cost you valuable manpower as well as money. There are packaging machines for industrial packaging that you can buy for a warehouse and will save you significant money over time.  

You should do your research if you are looking for packaging machine manufacturers and ensure that you choose one that is dependable, trustworthy and offers high-quality products. Blue Print Automation are industry leaders in providing automated packaging machines and are an excellent example of what you should look for.  There are things like Robot Grippers and all kinds of new automated and robotic systems that can speed up processes that were previously slow and inefficient.

Get the branding right 

Your packaging will need to show your branding to the best effect. You should ensure that your logo is large enough to be seen by prospective buyers and that the color scheme is in keeping with your overall branding. It can help to ask for advice from an expert branding agency to ensure that your product packaging is designed with your brand and logo in mind.  

Make a budget 

You will need to know what you can afford to spend on your packaging. It may be tempting to get the best of everything, but, as a start-up, it can help to be economical with your packaging to start. It is also important not to invest more in packaging than you will need.  

This will require careful analysis of the expected growth and demand your business will face, along with the amount of inventory you currently have in stock.  

Consider green materials 

Increasingly, green materials are what consumers want and expect from businesses. Many consumers are concerned about their impact on the environment and are shunning companies that use materials that are not easily recycled or ethically sourced.  

It may help to do some research into the types of green packaging available. Thanks to the demand, there are plenty out there to choose from, whether you need recycled shrink wrap for meat products or green insulating materials and space fillers.

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