Maintaining Inner Peace As We Draw Towards The End Of 2020 By Hyacinth Myers

Maintaining inner peace is paramount during our lifetime but especially during challenging times and we have had our fair share of those recently. So What is inner peace? Ask 100 people and you may just get 100 different answers. In most people’s opinion, inner peace means balance in our life in a way that is deeply personal to us and brings happiness. No two people’s experience of inner peace is the same.

To maintain inner peace self-compassion and self love are key. Many switch off when we talk about self-compassion and self-love but you can’t expect to live a life being compassionate and loving towards others and in effect abusing yourself. It’s a triggering word but constantly putting yourself down, saying you should be doing more, neglecting yourself (in mind, body and spirit) and still expecting to thrive is a bit crazy. Here are 5 quick tips to support you maintain that inner peace you desire as we get ready to close off a chaotic 2020 by international speaker and award-winning jewellery designer Hyacinth Myers.

So what is compassion? Where does compassion come into it? And compassion for myself and others?

Compassion can be described as concern for the suffering and misfortune of others and may or may not include taking some sort of action. Self Compassion can therefore be seen as having concern and affording the same care for yourself you would for others.

And what about self-love?

Self Love can be the simple act of taking time out when you are beyond tired or saying ‘no’ to that person when it compromises something you are doing or your health and wellbeing. Either way it is a completely “selfless” act and not the “selfish” one as we are almost programmed to believe.

Embrace all that is

Accept life as it is now for you! Find ways to motivate yourself and take back the power. We all go through adversity, challenges and hardships though they vary in nature. Don’t wish for something else instead set about a plan to improve things.

Set up a self care routine

Meditation daily is fantastic for relaxing the mind, body and overall Wellness. YouTube is fantastic and you can find Guided meditations as well as Instrumentals to vision with. Why not book dates with yourself or do something you’ve always wanted to do too.

Take time daily to reflect

This can be in the form of Journaling/ writing, Prayers of whatever kind or just minutes of Silence. Many of the spiritual gurus or Monks would sit in minutes or hours of silent contemplation. It’s at these times we can see the wood for the trees and have epiphanies. In the silence we receive the answers.

Be kind to yourself

Regardless of what you may think about yourself remember some of these thoughts are programmed often from childhood and the voices of your inner critic are not your own. It’s therefore part of this wonderful journey called life to learn how to quieten negative critic and amplify the positive one. A great exercise is to ask 7 people close to you to name your 3 best qualities and 1 quality you can work on. They can also say in 1 sentence What they love about you. That’s always so inspiring so you can look back on the comments when the negative critic rears its ugly head again.

Start and end your day with gratitude

Start your day by either writing down or speaking out the things you are grateful for that have already happened or those you wish to happen as if they have. Thank people who are kind to you. They may not have had a word of appreciation from anyone else that day. Keep a Gratitude journal- they are wonderful to look back on as you can write anything down including the beautiful texts you may have received, little gifts or anything else you treasure.

Self Compassion and Self Love are daily practises and allow you to connect with Self. We know it enhances positive emotions, increases empathy, strengthens resilience and increases abundance. In a world where love and compassion is lacking give yourself the gift of Self care then you can care for others better!!


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