How To Feel Your Purpose And Make It Your Reality By Lia Zorzou

What if you could make a decision today to feel your purpose and take actions towards it so you can start making it happen? Today, not tomorrow, not the other day or year, not when things are different and circumstances better, today.

Every single result in your life is driven by you. Only you. Not others, not circumstances. “I am responsible for my life and my results every single day”, say it with me. Repeat it 10, 100 times loud! This is powerful and true. When you are responsible for every single result in your life and you are unhappy with them, you can do something to change them. If you are not responsible, you are at other people’s mercy. So, let’s start together today to change your results. Say it once more: “I am responsible for every result I have in my life every single day.” and feel the power it has. Now, you can do a few things to change your results starting from right now! 

  1. Spend time with yourself.  Get out, find your favourite outdoor spot and spend time with you. Only you, not friends and relatives, not music, not mobile. Get out of the house and feel yourself, connect to yourself, your body and nature. Have a really nice walk in nature. 
  2. Dare to Dream. Without thinking about your past, your current situation (financial, marital status, business), and by silencing your mind, dare to dream about your life in 5 years from now. There are no restrictions. NONE. You can dream of doing whatever you want to do, make as much money as you want, live in whatever place you choose, imagine how much you will work and if, how you will be spending your free time, how you will be feeling. Imagine, you don’t have to do anything about it right now. You can dare to imagine your life though. Dare to Dream the life YOU want. 
  3. Feel. Now I would like you to concentrate on your feelings. Remember, there are no bad or good feelings. All feelings are welcomed, there to be felt. Imagine yourself living the life and feel the emotions you will be having living your dream life. Immediately, you will get an image, don’t block it. Your logical brain comes and whispers in you “This is impossible, don’t do it, how are you going to make it happen?”. Please silence your mind. The “how” is irrelevant at this point. Just feel yourself living the life YOU want, let yourself get filled with emotions. 
  4. Go through fear. The moment you tell yourself to act on your dream, panic and fear will take over. This is good, very good. When we do something new that we have never done before, fear is always present. We need to look fear in the eye and take action regardless of fear. Fear is welcomed and actually is the first indication that we are doing something new so our results will be different. When fear is present, learn to go through it every single time. Happiness and fulfilment is there waiting for you to go through it.  
  5. Fail fast and big. Most of us are afraid to take action because of failing. I would like to tell you that I wish you to fail big and fast. Go all in and learn from your actions and the results they will bring. Keep going. I fail every single day and I win every single day because I don’t lose time on making decisions. I make fast decisions that feel right for me and don’t care about the results. If a decision feels right, it is the best for you at that specific time with the resources you have available. Make the most of it and learn from it. This is the only way to get to the life you want. Keep going, keep failing and winning. 

These steps are the beginning of your transformational process of connecting to your true self and starting to find your purpose. This is a dynamic process, you can start today and build every single day from now on. Your dreams can change as you change and evolve, go with it! 

This is your power. 

You can do it! 

I believe in you. 

You can connect to your true self and find your true purpose starting today. 

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